Monday, October 20, 2014

Shopping in Nordstrom

I'd be honest that for quite sometime I never purchased anything in a mall for my personal belongings. If my memory serves me right, the last purchased that we had was window blinds, cloth hangers, memo pads and decorative tapes. It's not thrilling I know but since most of my time is spent in front of a desktop with an internet connection, I ended up buying dresses, blouses and shirts online.

I'm pretty sure you all are no different from me. There is a convenience in shopping online especially on my end since the traffic here is horrendous. Not to mention that the holiday season is nearing and various malls are offering sale and people are clamoring to get the first dibs on the items. I've been there and done that thus I find it a relief that brands such as Nordstrom have an online shop that you can browse over and over again without a sales assistant getting impatient or glancing cautious looks on you. Thank you technology!

Some of you may have mixed-feelings toward online shopping. At first, I was hesitant as well but since I'm after convenience, I gave in. I was eyeing a few pieces in Nordstrom that I can give as a gift for my husband. I think he needs to update his wardrobe and since his a t-shirt kind of guy, I would love to see him wearing this:

The Rail Colorblock Pocket T-Shirt (2 for $30)
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Cool! The pocket t-shirt happens to be on sale. I wonder what are the other colors they have for this style. So you see, you can still get savings when shopping online. Just like the regular stores in a mall, they offer discounts and promos.

Oh, I love the color of this shirt (picture below) and I'm sure my husband will agree since he has a thing for color green. Should you see some items that are not on sale just like this, don't fret. There are Nordstrom promotion code or Nordstrom coupon  to help you save money and keep your bank accounts healthy. Problem solved! I'm definitely going to use the promo code for this item.

Robert Barakett 'Georgia' Crewneck T-Shirt
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Isn't exciting? There are times that I find browsing through online stores or shops therapeutic. It gives me something to look forward to and I can plan what to get and give without leaving the comfort of my house.

Indulge and check Nordstrom online store and make sure to use their coupon codes/promotion codes for 2014 should you end up making a purchase. Enjoy and you are welcome!

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