Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mama Chows

Let's take a break from shopping and entice our taste buds with my discovery that I want to share with all of you.

Last August I volunteered to assist in a photoshoot event. I didn't expect much since I'm not really a part of the organizers so I was thrilled to be given some snacks by generous ladies to get me through the afternoon/ One of the snack is Mama Chows cheese cupcakes. I wasn't aware that I will be in for a surprise when I took my first bite on the cupcake. It's soft not spongy like the other cupcakes and the best part it's flavorful. The ingredients are not scrimped that's why it tasted so wonderful! It's definitely cheese cupcake and not a sub-standard one. Simply heaven!

Mama Chows Cheese Cupcakes
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After eating those cupcake, my standard for cheese cupcakes are set high. I can't get over with my feelings toward these pastries thus I ended up ordering a dozen as a "thank you" gift a few days ago. In addition to the cheese cupcakes, I also ordered a dozen of ensaimadas. It's also one of their best seller and I regret not ordering some for myself.

Mama Chows Ensaimadas
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I'm delighted and thrilled that the recipient of my ordered goodies were happy and have their tummies filled with good quality pastries...
Actual photo of my orders shared to me via Facebook
I'm so tempted in placing another order because of the photos but I have yet to wait for my next salary which is still two weeks away.

Mama Chows pastries are definitely worth sharing and giving this December or any occasions. I forgot to mention that she's also making pastries for lactating moms to help them produce more milk. Amazing right?

She was featured in Food Magazine and Kris TV. Apart from that, her team are the ones who served food for Aerosmith when they came here in Manila for a concert. That's how good they are!

Check out Mama Chows Official Facebook page and feast your eyes on her pastries. You need to place your order a few days early prior to your preferred delivery as she is making them fresh from the oven.


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