Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse

Happy New Year!

Obviously this is a late post which I completely forgot to finish. It's officially 2014 now by Gregorian and Chinese calendar standards. How was your 2014 so far? It's amazing how Filipinos were influenced by Chinese tradition that we even celebrate Chinese New Year and believe/practice Feng Shui. I myself is no exception as I'm drawn to Feng Shui and what lucky charms, amulets or ornaments will bring me luck each in every year. It doesn't hurt if you follow the principles so as long you stay positive and keep the negative vibes away.

Since I already mentioned about charms, here are some of the things I've gathered that will bring luck in the year of the wooden horse:
* Lucky color is green and red. I did wear read last January 31. Thanks to my husband's red tees that I borrowed.
* Horse figurine - may it be jade, gold, white, ceramic (it doesn't matter) so as long as the horse front legs are raised. It symbolizes victory or success.
* Charm bracelets which you can purchase from Php 400 and up depending on where you bought them. Best place will be in Chinatown located in Binondo, Manila. If you're too lazy to travel or Binondo is far from your place, you can check out legit online sellers which sell these Feng Shui items (example: Francesca's Charms).
*  Lucky charms like amulets/ornaments depending on your Chinese Zodiac horoscope. There are amulets which helps you contradict bad luck and boost your luck. Don't you know they even have luck keychains?

In the eve of Chinese New Year, you may want to put some if not all of these items for a good year ahead.
* Candies to attract good spirits. They say that good spirits are attracted to sweets.
* a whole Chicken to symbolize abundance
* 12 round fruits to symbolize the 12 months in a year
* Cooked fish, make sure that it's whole (head and tail are intact). This represents savings.
* Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage or Bokchoi (Baguio Pechay). It symbolizes a hundred folds of luck.
* Tikoy, a Chinese new year wouldn't be complete without this. It is said that it will bring closeness in the family.
* Liempo means Prosperity
* Pancit which symbolizes long life and good health
* Pineapple symbolizes wealth

I was able to gathered four items out of the edible items mentioned above:
Closeness within the Family
Hundred Folds of Luck
Inviting Good spirits at our home

To know more about your respective Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Wooden Horse, check out 'Lucky' and 'unlucky' signs in Year of the Horse | ABS-CBN News.

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