Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How We Welcome 2014

Oh my! Only a few more days and February is over and I haven't blog how our family spent the New Year. I'm so bad and lazy =(

If you still remember, I created a post about New Year decor printables/props that you can do right at your own home and use for welcoming the New Year and that's what we did.

Presenting our "super effort" to celebrate 2014!

our DIY photowall
Our DIY Photowall
We used a curtain and taped it in the wall. Then taped the printables into the curtain. 
our photowall corner
New Year printables are laid in the bench
Closer look of the printables
the party poooper in the family
In every celebration, there's a party pooper =P
Look who's bored?
Our Media Noche (most of the foods were take out...hahahaha)
What do we have in common? It's obvious that Disney became a part of our childhood =)
It's nice to have cool parents! 
My sister who is based in Kuala Lumpur is the only one missing in our New Year celebration but she promised that she will be here come the eve of 2015. That means I have my partner in crime to spruce up and take our New Year celebration to a whole different level!

In case you're wondering, all of the props are printed using our ever reliable Epson printer. As for the sticks, we used the balloon sticks which was a leftover from my sister's bridal shower. You can use barbecue stick as a replacement for the balloon sticks should you want to spend less.

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