Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gift Idea: Sea Salt

It's obvious that this post is late since the Feast of Three Kings is over (that marks the end of Christmas celebration in the Philippines) but I thought that this particular gift idea is versatile.  You can just give it anytime whether there's a celebration or simply you want to give it as a token to a friend or a relative. What's more this is a healthy and wellness gift without costing too much or burning a hole in your pocket.

May I present the discovery that I made 2 years ago...

Sea Salt from Mindoro
Mina de Oro Sea Salt
I know what you're thinking. How can a simple salt be a nice gift idea? Well first, let's state the fact why sea salt is far better than your regular salt:
Photo Credit: Ai Designs for the sea salt tag
For further reference about sea salt, please check Sea Salt Versus Table Salt and Kosher vs table vs sea salts. Now that you know that sea salt is a healthier alternative than table salt, all you need is a nice packaging to make it more special. On my case, I've purchased clear jars and ceramic canister from the Japan Stores that offers Php 88/ Php 66 on their items.

Clear Plastic Jar
Clear Plastic Jars (Php 88)
Colorful ceramic canister
Ceramic Canister (Php 88)
Imagination is your limit on how you will make your simple sea salt to a fabulous gift. Ribbons and laces will not fail you when it comes to adding colors and finishing touches to any DIY craft or project you may have.

Sea Salt in a clear plastic jar
Dainty Packaging
Sea Salt Packaging
Pastel Packaging
I've been giving sea salt to friends and relatives as a Christmas gift though there are times that I also give them as birthday gifts. As much as possible, I like to give gifts that are useful to the recipient and this one made the list of my affordable yet valuable items.

Should you be interested on where I purchase my sea salt, just leave a comment below and I will refer you to my supplier.

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