Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay

I bet most of you have seen this place along the highway in Tagaytay. You wouldn't miss this since the first thing you will notice is the giant Ferris wheel that serves as the landmark of Sky Ranch. If coming from Tagaytay Rotonda/Cavite, Sky Ranch is on the left side before Vista Hotel. If you're coming from Batangas, it's on your right after Vista Hotel. Hope my directions wouldn't confuse you.

I've been seeing a lot of photos from friends in my Facebook who took advantage of the Christmas holiday and weekends to drop by this place. Yesterday I was wishfully thinking that I was in Tagaytay, enjoying the cold weather and nature.

My high school friends and I have a mini-reunion and decided to visit Tagaytay on a Monday, that was last December 16th. We were hoping that the place is not too crowded since it's a weekday but we were surprised to see a lot of prep students having a field trip. Good thing that we can still move around despite of the crowd.

Entrance Ticket is Php 50 (US $1.10)
Terms and Condition of the Entrance ticket
Ticket Prices of the Ride
I want to tell you outright that I didn't pay for any rides since the only rides that I'd like are the kiddie rides and it's embarrassing if I'm going to ride alone. I'm not the adventurous type of person so I dismissed the idea of checking out Sky Eye (Ferris Wheel) and Super Viking (same as Anchor's Away in Enchanted Kingdom).

Skye Eye (Skyranch's pride and glory)
Nessi Coaster aka mini Roller Coaster
Mini Pirate Ship
 (I can picture myself riding this but the kids and parents will probably give me an incredulous look)
Red Baron (Airplane ride)
Wonder Flight (Air Balloon ride)
Personally, I'd like Enchanted Kingdom's version of the Wonder Flight.
Express Train for Kids and Adults alike
The express train will be touring around Sky Ranch so if your too lazy to walk, then this ride is for you
It looks like a ship calmly docked
But looks can be deceiving... Now the ship is swinging away!
Now I bet you'll say that it's just another theme park with the same old rides. Sky Ranch also offers activities to get your blood pumping.

Sky Jump...jump up and down and try to reach the sky
Do the Zorbing and test the stamina and agility of your body
Horseback riding! A trip to Tagaytay wouldn't be complete without this
After you've tried all the rides and activities, I bet you will end up hungry. No worries, restaurant/foodchains are lined up on the side of the Nessi Coaster to fill up your complaining tummies.

Restaurants/Foodchains to satisfy tired and famish peeps
Should you want to relax and simple enjoy the view, the place have gazebos that you can rent.

Gazebo Rules and Regulations
One of the many gazebos in Sky Ranch
Office / Admin/ Clinic/ Restrooms
The theme park has an admin office, clinic (which is a good thing should there be any accidents) and restrooms (male and female).

The Venue
The Venue is spacious which is perfect for concerts, birthday parties and wedding receptions! Yes, The Venue is open to cater and celebrate any memorable events in your life. I have no idea on how much it will cost but you can inquire with them directly.

A good view to boot
Whether you want to experience all the rides in Sky Ranch or simply have a bonding moment with your family, friends and relatives, it's not so hard to fall in love with Tagaytay with this  picturesque  scenery. You would wish that you wake up every morning with this view on your window.

Sky Ranch
Tagaytay City
Tel No. (02) 8570100 local 1450
Sky Ranch Official Facebook Page

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gift Idea: Sea Salt

It's obvious that this post is late since the Feast of Three Kings is over (that marks the end of Christmas celebration in the Philippines) but I thought that this particular gift idea is versatile.  You can just give it anytime whether there's a celebration or simply you want to give it as a token to a friend or a relative. What's more this is a healthy and wellness gift without costing too much or burning a hole in your pocket.

May I present the discovery that I made 2 years ago...

Sea Salt from Mindoro
Mina de Oro Sea Salt
I know what you're thinking. How can a simple salt be a nice gift idea? Well first, let's state the fact why sea salt is far better than your regular salt:
Photo Credit: Ai Designs for the sea salt tag
For further reference about sea salt, please check Sea Salt Versus Table Salt and Kosher vs table vs sea salts. Now that you know that sea salt is a healthier alternative than table salt, all you need is a nice packaging to make it more special. On my case, I've purchased clear jars and ceramic canister from the Japan Stores that offers Php 88/ Php 66 on their items.

Clear Plastic Jar
Clear Plastic Jars (Php 88)
Colorful ceramic canister
Ceramic Canister (Php 88)
Imagination is your limit on how you will make your simple sea salt to a fabulous gift. Ribbons and laces will not fail you when it comes to adding colors and finishing touches to any DIY craft or project you may have.

Sea Salt in a clear plastic jar
Dainty Packaging
Sea Salt Packaging
Pastel Packaging
I've been giving sea salt to friends and relatives as a Christmas gift though there are times that I also give them as birthday gifts. As much as possible, I like to give gifts that are useful to the recipient and this one made the list of my affordable yet valuable items.

Should you be interested on where I purchase my sea salt, just leave a comment below and I will refer you to my supplier.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Version of 52 Weeks Money Challenge

Hello everyone! How's January treating you so far? Me, I'm busy as a bee. I can't complain since being busy means work and that means income. As I always tell my husband, more projects means more work means stable job :)

I've been seeing these past couple of days this particular link which encourages everyone to start saving (mostly in Facebook). The title is "52 Week Money Challenge". Every week, you will be required to save a specific amount following the table. Example, for the first week of January you have to set aside $5. Then come second week, it's $10 and so on and so forth. As weeks progresses, the amount of money you have to save increases. Not everyone has a positive perspective about this scheme of saving. After all not everyone can save that amount of money especially if you already have a fix budget every month for expenses (utilities, mortgage, insurance, etc.). Take time to read Frugal Find's opinion about this money challenge.

But then again, it doesn't hurt to give this a try. What's more you can tailor fit the amount that is doable on your part for the sake of saving for this year. I believe in baby steps towards financial education and this can be a great idea to teach your children, brothers/sisters, cousins, etc. the value of saving.

Since the original 52 week money challenge is in dollar, there are two websites that I found which is in Philippine Peso version that you might want to check out - http://www.kuripotpinay.com/2014/01/52-week-challenge-version-2-kuripot.html and http://minimumcompliance.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/the-mas-kuripot-52-week-money-challenge-earning-27k-to-137k-on-barya/. It's up to you which increments you want to choose so as long as you think that you can achieve your goal and desire to save.

My sister whose into investments and financial education created her own version of the money challenge. She encouraged our two younger siblings who are both students to try this by following the table she made:

52 weeks money challenge
My sister's version of the 52 weeks money challenge
My sister who made the table already started saving while I on the other hand will need to catch up as soon as my salary is release next week. I'm keeping my fingers cross to finish this challenge by the end of this year (even if my husband is pessimistic on my capabilities to save). Game on!

Friday, January 3, 2014

15th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair 2014

That's right folks! It's just a few days when 2014 started and what could be more exciting that makes you anticipate the coming days than having the very first bridal and debut fair in the country! The 15th Ultimate Wedding  and Debut Fair is happening tomorrow and on Sunday (January 4-5) in Megatrade Hall 3, Mega B at the 5th level of SM Megamall.

Photo Credit: http://www.weddingfairphilippines.com/
For soon-to-wed couples and debutants looking for their dream team for their special event, this is the place to get one. I know that some of you might get intimidated of the idea of bridal fairs but all of them offers a FREE entrance. At least this one is. How? Simply register online. Go to Wedding Fair Registration and accomplish the form. Or if you have an account in Ensogo, there's an ongoing deal for a free pass to this wedding fair, simply go directly to this link http://www.ensogo.com.ph/manila/island-exhibit-and-event-management-wedding-expo-12182013.html and avail the deal. Easy peasy right?

What to expect on 15th Ultimate Wedding  and Debut Fair? Best deals and discounts offered by wedding suppliers with prices slashed to as much as 50% OFF!

Make your wedding dream come true  as you book your suppliers with their special offers:
Suppliers with Special Deals available during the fair:

  • Jack and Jenn Catering offers FREE 30 Guest Catering for Pamanhikan or Despedida, when you book at least 100-guest Wedding Reception Catering
  • Eros Photography offers 50% OFF in Prenuptial Photo Shoot with INFRARED Technology
  • Diamond with Love offers 30% Discount on all Jewelry Purchases plus FREE Lifetime Cleaning and FREE Delivery within Metro Manila
  • Nowellyn Pahanel Beauty Salon offers FREE Prenuptial Make-up on Location (Metro Manila only) when you book Bride and Entourage Make-up worth 15k
  • and many more... 
  • Wedding and Debut Suppliers at the Fair:
  • Venues: Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort, Le Blanc, The Royal Northwood Golf Club Inc., L’Orchard Garden Venue, Pacific Heights Tagaytay, Club Ananda
  • Photo-Video: Extreme Details Photography, BA Studio, R.V. Mitra Photography, Power Image, CD Worx Photography, Dantes Photo Image, Treasured Memories, Niceprint Photography, Eros Photography
  • Real Estate: Azalea Residence
  • Flowers: JomsFlowershop, Amarantus Florist
  • Hair and Make-Up: Mile High Hair and Make-Up, NowellymPahanel Beauty Shop, Marian Makeup, Hair and Make-Up Concept, Riza Mae Makeup, Ballisima Salon and Spa
  • Photobooth: I-Flick
  • Musicians: SJT Strings, Trinity Acoustic Band, Red Thread Entertainment, Ecoustic Soul Band
  • Bridal Cars: Decloedt Motors
  • Coordinator: Iamyourweddingplanner
  • Jewelry: Diamond with Love, Jemsbyme
  • Gown: Kimigo Wedding Gown
  • Catering: Jack &Jenn Catering, CM Catering
  • Emcee and Coordinator: AskJenneToday.com

So what are you waiting for? Register now or avail the deal in Ensogo. Don't let this event slip from your hands at the start of the year. To know more about this event or the organizer behind it, simply check out their official website and Facebook page (see links below).

Website: http://www.weddingfairphilippines.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weddingfairmanila