Thursday, October 30, 2014

Taal Vista @ 75 years

My husband and I celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary in Taal Vista Hotel last weekend (will create a separate post about our weekend stay there). Coincidentally, Taal Vista is also celebrating their 75th year. Wow! Thar's been a long time. They have this wall in their lobby (if you're going to the viewing deck at the back, you will never miss this wall) which shows the rich history of Taal Vista Lodge as the first hotel in Tagaytay till present. Originally it was owned by Zamoras and I only get a glimpsed of Development Bank of the Philippines acquiring it in the 80s or is it in the 90s until SM Holding group finally owns it (so that's the reason why they have a promo rates for SM Advantage card holders....).

Anyways, in celebration of their anniversary they have special events and offers for their guests who will be staying for this week. Check this out:

Happening this week at Taal Vista

Still a part of their celebration is showcasing the Filipino dishes by their guest chefs. You can enjoy their wonderful dishes for lunch and dinner buffet on weekends at Cafe Veranda. See below the schedule of the guest chefs you may fancy. I'm sure you will see some familiar faces since you've seen them in commercials or cooking TV shows:


If there's a special occasion coming up, why don't celebrate it with food at Taal Vista Hotel. For Php 1350nett  it's going to be worth your money and time.

Taal Vista Hotel  
Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City 4120 Philippines
For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 (2) 917-8225, +63 (46) 413-100 or +63 0917 809-1254. 
Facebook Official Page
Twitter and Instagram (@taalvistahotel)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Like A Virgin by Suor Cristina

I can't help but post this in my blog. Do you remember Sister Cristina (aka Suor Cristina) from the Voice Italy? She became a worldwide sensation due to the fact that she's actually a nun but decided to join a reality talent show. Isn't she amazing and cool?

She won the hearts of the many thus she was the winner of the Voice Italy 2014. As we all know the winner will get a record deal and here she is singing Like A Virgin from Universal Music Italia. As of the moment the video is at 98,000+ views.

Thanks to Daphne for sharing it in her Facebook page. I wouldn't know about this if not for her.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shop your way with Sears

It's a must nowadays to live within a certain budget or if you can spend an extra luxury, the deal should be good. Come December a lot of people will spend their hard earned 13th month pay and this is the time that installment plans with zero interest are being offered left and right.

But what if you can shop all you want with deals, discounts and promos without stepping out of your house, are you up for it?

Sears, an American multinational department store chain figured out what everyone wanted and that's why they decided to keep up with technology and have their very own online store that offers sporting goods, furniture, appliances, home improvement, etc. It's like visiting a department store only you don't need to step out of your house and you can window shop anytime you want. No closing time.

Should you want to buy something for home improvement like faucets or showers, no need to worry about spending your money when you can use some Sears coupons.

Delta Faucet 19915-SBSD-DST Fuse Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
with Soap Dispenser Stainless/Black

Photo Credit:

How about a J.C. Higgins sporting gear or Silvertone guitars for your brother or son? You can use Sears promo code to avail discounts which you never know exist.

Silvertone SS15-TS-KIT-4 Revolver SS15 Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar with Strap and Pick Sampler
Photo Credit:

Should you have any queries or concerns, they have an n online chat support agent to assist you just like the a normal sale associate.

What are you waiting for? Give Sears a chance and explore their online department store and what they has to offer for you and your family.

~This is a sponsored blog post~

Shopping in Nordstrom

I'd be honest that for quite sometime I never purchased anything in a mall for my personal belongings. If my memory serves me right, the last purchased that we had was window blinds, cloth hangers, memo pads and decorative tapes. It's not thrilling I know but since most of my time is spent in front of a desktop with an internet connection, I ended up buying dresses, blouses and shirts online.

I'm pretty sure you all are no different from me. There is a convenience in shopping online especially on my end since the traffic here is horrendous. Not to mention that the holiday season is nearing and various malls are offering sale and people are clamoring to get the first dibs on the items. I've been there and done that thus I find it a relief that brands such as Nordstrom have an online shop that you can browse over and over again without a sales assistant getting impatient or glancing cautious looks on you. Thank you technology!

Some of you may have mixed-feelings toward online shopping. At first, I was hesitant as well but since I'm after convenience, I gave in. I was eyeing a few pieces in Nordstrom that I can give as a gift for my husband. I think he needs to update his wardrobe and since his a t-shirt kind of guy, I would love to see him wearing this:

The Rail Colorblock Pocket T-Shirt (2 for $30)
Photo Credit -
Cool! The pocket t-shirt happens to be on sale. I wonder what are the other colors they have for this style. So you see, you can still get savings when shopping online. Just like the regular stores in a mall, they offer discounts and promos.

Oh, I love the color of this shirt (picture below) and I'm sure my husband will agree since he has a thing for color green. Should you see some items that are not on sale just like this, don't fret. There are Nordstrom promotion code or Nordstrom coupon  to help you save money and keep your bank accounts healthy. Problem solved! I'm definitely going to use the promo code for this item.

Robert Barakett 'Georgia' Crewneck T-Shirt
Photo Credit -
Isn't exciting? There are times that I find browsing through online stores or shops therapeutic. It gives me something to look forward to and I can plan what to get and give without leaving the comfort of my house.

Indulge and check Nordstrom online store and make sure to use their coupon codes/promotion codes for 2014 should you end up making a purchase. Enjoy and you are welcome!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mama Chows

Let's take a break from shopping and entice our taste buds with my discovery that I want to share with all of you.

Last August I volunteered to assist in a photoshoot event. I didn't expect much since I'm not really a part of the organizers so I was thrilled to be given some snacks by generous ladies to get me through the afternoon/ One of the snack is Mama Chows cheese cupcakes. I wasn't aware that I will be in for a surprise when I took my first bite on the cupcake. It's soft not spongy like the other cupcakes and the best part it's flavorful. The ingredients are not scrimped that's why it tasted so wonderful! It's definitely cheese cupcake and not a sub-standard one. Simply heaven!

Mama Chows Cheese Cupcakes
Photo Credit -
After eating those cupcake, my standard for cheese cupcakes are set high. I can't get over with my feelings toward these pastries thus I ended up ordering a dozen as a "thank you" gift a few days ago. In addition to the cheese cupcakes, I also ordered a dozen of ensaimadas. It's also one of their best seller and I regret not ordering some for myself.

Mama Chows Ensaimadas
Photo Credit -

I'm delighted and thrilled that the recipient of my ordered goodies were happy and have their tummies filled with good quality pastries...
Actual photo of my orders shared to me via Facebook
I'm so tempted in placing another order because of the photos but I have yet to wait for my next salary which is still two weeks away.

Mama Chows pastries are definitely worth sharing and giving this December or any occasions. I forgot to mention that she's also making pastries for lactating moms to help them produce more milk. Amazing right?

She was featured in Food Magazine and Kris TV. Apart from that, her team are the ones who served food for Aerosmith when they came here in Manila for a concert. That's how good they are!

Check out Mama Chows Official Facebook page and feast your eyes on her pastries. You need to place your order a few days early prior to your preferred delivery as she is making them fresh from the oven.


Photo Credit:


Hello everyone! Miss me? I know it’s been a long time since I blogged and it’s my fault actually for not being industrious in creating my entries. I have so much to tell that there will be entries that are good for throwbacks. I’m serious in creating entries for Thursday which will be my backlogs for this year, I do hope that you won't be confused. 

Anyhow, how are you all been doing? I on the other hand as you can tell am busy as a bee. Who says that working from home is such a breeze? I have to juggle two jobs and my household chores. It’s pretty tiring actually thus the lack of posts on my end.

But tonight, I’m definitely in the mood to write something that includes shopping! Yes, you heard it right. It’s very timely since Christmas is just a couple of months away and there are loads of sale in the metro everywhere. Sounds good, right? Sit back and relax and let me introduce you to a two brands that you can indulge your eyes and surprisingly can fit your budget. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Washi + Papercutting Workshop in Alabang

Ever since I stumbled a store of washi tapes named Hey Kessy, I've been wanting to attend her various workshops she organized for hobbyist, crafters and newbies like me. The only issue though is the location since it's always being held in Quezon City area (or anywhere in the Northern part of NCR) which is on the other end of the map from where I am thus I disregard the idea.

So imagine my excitement when someone posted this in our FB group....

Workshop Fee is Php 1700

I hurriedly checked Hey Kessy's blog to see the details of the workshop and the fee is inclusive of the ff:
- a roll Hey Kessy washi tape
- craft knife
- personalized cutting mat
- different types of paper
- practice sheets and templates
- a DIY frame kit
- snacks  

Finally the workshop is in the South! A few days ago, I've been contemplating on trying my hands on papercutting. I'm curious if it's that hard and what will be my creations during my first try. Someone from up above must have heard my thoughts and this is the answer which I effortlessly didn't looked for.

I know that some of you might associate papercutting to a paper being cut by scissors (that most kids do) but this one is different and way artsy. See some samples below:

Rob Ryan Paper Cut

Layout by Papr

Paper Cut Quotes by Ant Design Gifts

Don't you just love the papercuts? Who knows it might become a hobby of yours truly which I can turn into a business in the future.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

For all the Mothers

"Who can find a virtuous woman? She is far more precious than jewels... 
Strength and honor are her clothing, and she can laugh at the time to come. 
She opens her mouth with wisdom, and loving instruction is on her tongue. 
She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle. 
Her sons rise up and call her blessed. 
Her husband also praises her: 
Many women are capable, but you surpass them all! 
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised". 

~Proverbs 31:10, 25-30
Photo Credit:


Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hello everyone! It's been 2 months that my blog is in hiatus. Originally I was planning to just take a rest for a month but it got extended because of my laziness and the fact that my hands are always full nowadays. It's not easy working from home since I also need to do a lot of household chores (laundry, cleaning our room, feeding the dogs, etc). I end up getting tired even on weekends, making me wish that I have a vacation every two months.

So how you've been? Hope you will all stick by me regardless of my long absence. The past years I've been wanting to have a blog makeover since it's getting a little boring don't you think? The other blogs I've seen have these cheerful colors and they have social media buttons which obviously my blog is lacking. So before plunging deeper to that plan, I decided to sign-up for a workshop which will happen next Saturday and it's all about Getting to Know WordPress by The Happy WAHM.

Photo Credit: The Happy WAHM
My blog is in Blogger platform since 2008 and I'm in limbo if I need to change my blog to Wordpress platform since they offer a lot of blog templates to choose from. In addition, I'm still a newbie when it comes to the technicalities surrounding Wordpress.

On the email that I received after signing up, it says....

What to expect in this workshop.

Everyone will be given a hands-on experience to work on a self-hosted WordPress dashboard.  Well, yeah, we can also create a free site with, but we want you to experience all the fun part of a self-hosted site, and fun has a name.  It's called a plugin.

So you ask, what is a self-hosted site?  And what is a plugin?  Those, and a lot more of your questions will be answered at the workshop.  After all, this is one full day of us being kids, asking all the whys and the what-ifs of WordPress. 

I'm excited since I will have a blogger friend joining this workshop as well. So I already know someone and hope to learn from the other attendees. Let this be the start of my blog evolving into something hip and fun!  :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How We Welcome 2014

Oh my! Only a few more days and February is over and I haven't blog how our family spent the New Year. I'm so bad and lazy =(

If you still remember, I created a post about New Year decor printables/props that you can do right at your own home and use for welcoming the New Year and that's what we did.

Presenting our "super effort" to celebrate 2014!

our DIY photowall
Our DIY Photowall
We used a curtain and taped it in the wall. Then taped the printables into the curtain. 
our photowall corner
New Year printables are laid in the bench
Closer look of the printables
the party poooper in the family
In every celebration, there's a party pooper =P
Look who's bored?
Our Media Noche (most of the foods were take out...hahahaha)
What do we have in common? It's obvious that Disney became a part of our childhood =)
It's nice to have cool parents! 
My sister who is based in Kuala Lumpur is the only one missing in our New Year celebration but she promised that she will be here come the eve of 2015. That means I have my partner in crime to spruce up and take our New Year celebration to a whole different level!

In case you're wondering, all of the props are printed using our ever reliable Epson printer. As for the sticks, we used the balloon sticks which was a leftover from my sister's bridal shower. You can use barbecue stick as a replacement for the balloon sticks should you want to spend less.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Expressions Wedding Fair @ SM Southmall

Love is in the air since tomorrow will be Valentine's day. I asked my husband if we can just go out and have a date on 15th or 16th since I know traffic will be horrendous tomorrow (not to mention that it's a payday).

For soon-to-wed couples who are from the South you might want to check out Love Expressions Wedding Fair @ SM Southmall Feb 13-14-15, 2014. It's either I'm staying inside my house far too long or my memory is right but this is the first time that SM Southmall is having a bridal fair event. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Discover the best suppliers and event partners for your special day on this wedding fair at the Ground Level Activity Center, SM Southmall Las Pinas. Isn't it sweet and lovely that you will be having a date in a wedding fair in preparation to forever. So romantic!

Apart from the wedding suppliers and discounts that you can avail once you've made a reservation, enjoy talks on Love Languages, Dating and Relationships, Budgeting for Wedding by Bro. Mond and Leigh de Armas of Alabang New Life Christian Center. What's more you can get tips on How to Plan your wedding and How to be a Professional Host and Emcee by Jenne Rabe of Jack & Jenn Catering. To spice up the event, be entertained with performances by NTUNE Acoustic Band, Heart and Soul Quartet, A Band, Symphony of Strings, Amaya and many more.

PLUS! on February 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM watch the Fashion Show featuring the fabulous up and coming designers, Marco and Oyama and White Label Bridal.

Wedding Suppliers and Exhibitors include:
27A Flowershop
A Band
APVIL Printing
BA Studio
CD Worx Multimedia
Crumbs Cake
D'Lady Behind the Scene
Diamond with Love
Gems by Me
Heart and Soul
Indemand Wedding Films
Mixology Events
Myke Make-up
Ntune Acoustic Band
Queensland Catering
Symphony of Strings
White Label Bridal

Here's the part that I love the most when attending bridal and wedding fairs, BOOK ANY OF THE SUPPLIERS AND RECEIVE A FREE GIFT FROM THE ORGANIZER plus GET A CHANCE TO WIN YOUR WEDDING SUPPLIER.

You can drop by today or tomorrow and on Saturday. Simply register here

Celebrate love, celebrate romance, celebrate forever at the Love Expressions Wedding Fair.
"Love Expressions Wedding Fair is presented by SM Southmall, together with Jack & Jenn Catering, Rotary Club of Las Pinas East and Myther Events and Expo Inc. This event is sponsored by Booms Audio Sounds and Lights, Dermaesthetic, Gems by Me with Online Media Sponsors Bridal,,, and organized by Island Exhibit Events Management Inc".

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Twins Separated at Birth Found Each Other

I woke up 40 minutes ago and decided to check my Facebook feeds then something caught my eye about a news of South Korean born twins separated at birth. Both of them are adopted. One is raised in France then the other raised in the US. One twin found the video of the other twin in Youtube then search her twin's profile in Facebook and sent her a message. Isn't it amazing how social media helps people reunited?

I decided to share it here since when I was a child, I was thinking and hoping that I may have a twin sister somewhere (the effects of reading Sweet Valley Twins). In reality, I do have a sister who is 2 years younger than me and people always mistook us as twins. Honestly I don't know why because are physical features are not the same. Maybe because our mother loves us to dress us up with the same style of clothing but different colors or the same haircut that we sport during our early grade school days (blame it again on my mother as she doesn't want us to have a long hair). I bet that I'm not the only one who is wishing to have a twin.

Anyways, get all fuzzy and be touched by watching their interview video in ABC News:
See more US News from ABC|ABC World News

It was mentioned on the interview that they are making a documentary about their experience, you can check it out Twinsters Facebook page.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse

Happy New Year!

Obviously this is a late post which I completely forgot to finish. It's officially 2014 now by Gregorian and Chinese calendar standards. How was your 2014 so far? It's amazing how Filipinos were influenced by Chinese tradition that we even celebrate Chinese New Year and believe/practice Feng Shui. I myself is no exception as I'm drawn to Feng Shui and what lucky charms, amulets or ornaments will bring me luck each in every year. It doesn't hurt if you follow the principles so as long you stay positive and keep the negative vibes away.

Since I already mentioned about charms, here are some of the things I've gathered that will bring luck in the year of the wooden horse:
* Lucky color is green and red. I did wear read last January 31. Thanks to my husband's red tees that I borrowed.
* Horse figurine - may it be jade, gold, white, ceramic (it doesn't matter) so as long as the horse front legs are raised. It symbolizes victory or success.
* Charm bracelets which you can purchase from Php 400 and up depending on where you bought them. Best place will be in Chinatown located in Binondo, Manila. If you're too lazy to travel or Binondo is far from your place, you can check out legit online sellers which sell these Feng Shui items (example: Francesca's Charms).
*  Lucky charms like amulets/ornaments depending on your Chinese Zodiac horoscope. There are amulets which helps you contradict bad luck and boost your luck. Don't you know they even have luck keychains?

In the eve of Chinese New Year, you may want to put some if not all of these items for a good year ahead.
* Candies to attract good spirits. They say that good spirits are attracted to sweets.
* a whole Chicken to symbolize abundance
* 12 round fruits to symbolize the 12 months in a year
* Cooked fish, make sure that it's whole (head and tail are intact). This represents savings.
* Cabbage or Chinese Cabbage or Bokchoi (Baguio Pechay). It symbolizes a hundred folds of luck.
* Tikoy, a Chinese new year wouldn't be complete without this. It is said that it will bring closeness in the family.
* Liempo means Prosperity
* Pancit which symbolizes long life and good health
* Pineapple symbolizes wealth

I was able to gathered four items out of the edible items mentioned above:
Closeness within the Family
Hundred Folds of Luck
Inviting Good spirits at our home

To know more about your respective Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Wooden Horse, check out 'Lucky' and 'unlucky' signs in Year of the Horse | ABS-CBN News.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay

I bet most of you have seen this place along the highway in Tagaytay. You wouldn't miss this since the first thing you will notice is the giant Ferris wheel that serves as the landmark of Sky Ranch. If coming from Tagaytay Rotonda/Cavite, Sky Ranch is on the left side before Vista Hotel. If you're coming from Batangas, it's on your right after Vista Hotel. Hope my directions wouldn't confuse you.

I've been seeing a lot of photos from friends in my Facebook who took advantage of the Christmas holiday and weekends to drop by this place. Yesterday I was wishfully thinking that I was in Tagaytay, enjoying the cold weather and nature.

My high school friends and I have a mini-reunion and decided to visit Tagaytay on a Monday, that was last December 16th. We were hoping that the place is not too crowded since it's a weekday but we were surprised to see a lot of prep students having a field trip. Good thing that we can still move around despite of the crowd.

Entrance Ticket is Php 50 (US $1.10)
Terms and Condition of the Entrance ticket
Ticket Prices of the Ride
I want to tell you outright that I didn't pay for any rides since the only rides that I'd like are the kiddie rides and it's embarrassing if I'm going to ride alone. I'm not the adventurous type of person so I dismissed the idea of checking out Sky Eye (Ferris Wheel) and Super Viking (same as Anchor's Away in Enchanted Kingdom).

Skye Eye (Skyranch's pride and glory)
Nessi Coaster aka mini Roller Coaster
Mini Pirate Ship
 (I can picture myself riding this but the kids and parents will probably give me an incredulous look)
Red Baron (Airplane ride)
Wonder Flight (Air Balloon ride)
Personally, I'd like Enchanted Kingdom's version of the Wonder Flight.
Express Train for Kids and Adults alike
The express train will be touring around Sky Ranch so if your too lazy to walk, then this ride is for you
It looks like a ship calmly docked
But looks can be deceiving... Now the ship is swinging away!
Now I bet you'll say that it's just another theme park with the same old rides. Sky Ranch also offers activities to get your blood pumping.

Sky Jump...jump up and down and try to reach the sky
Do the Zorbing and test the stamina and agility of your body
Horseback riding! A trip to Tagaytay wouldn't be complete without this
After you've tried all the rides and activities, I bet you will end up hungry. No worries, restaurant/foodchains are lined up on the side of the Nessi Coaster to fill up your complaining tummies.

Restaurants/Foodchains to satisfy tired and famish peeps
Should you want to relax and simple enjoy the view, the place have gazebos that you can rent.

Gazebo Rules and Regulations
One of the many gazebos in Sky Ranch
Office / Admin/ Clinic/ Restrooms
The theme park has an admin office, clinic (which is a good thing should there be any accidents) and restrooms (male and female).

The Venue
The Venue is spacious which is perfect for concerts, birthday parties and wedding receptions! Yes, The Venue is open to cater and celebrate any memorable events in your life. I have no idea on how much it will cost but you can inquire with them directly.

A good view to boot
Whether you want to experience all the rides in Sky Ranch or simply have a bonding moment with your family, friends and relatives, it's not so hard to fall in love with Tagaytay with this  picturesque  scenery. You would wish that you wake up every morning with this view on your window.

Sky Ranch
Tagaytay City
Tel No. (02) 8570100 local 1450
Sky Ranch Official Facebook Page

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gift Idea: Sea Salt

It's obvious that this post is late since the Feast of Three Kings is over (that marks the end of Christmas celebration in the Philippines) but I thought that this particular gift idea is versatile.  You can just give it anytime whether there's a celebration or simply you want to give it as a token to a friend or a relative. What's more this is a healthy and wellness gift without costing too much or burning a hole in your pocket.

May I present the discovery that I made 2 years ago...

Sea Salt from Mindoro
Mina de Oro Sea Salt
I know what you're thinking. How can a simple salt be a nice gift idea? Well first, let's state the fact why sea salt is far better than your regular salt:
Photo Credit: Ai Designs for the sea salt tag
For further reference about sea salt, please check Sea Salt Versus Table Salt and Kosher vs table vs sea salts. Now that you know that sea salt is a healthier alternative than table salt, all you need is a nice packaging to make it more special. On my case, I've purchased clear jars and ceramic canister from the Japan Stores that offers Php 88/ Php 66 on their items.

Clear Plastic Jar
Clear Plastic Jars (Php 88)
Colorful ceramic canister
Ceramic Canister (Php 88)
Imagination is your limit on how you will make your simple sea salt to a fabulous gift. Ribbons and laces will not fail you when it comes to adding colors and finishing touches to any DIY craft or project you may have.

Sea Salt in a clear plastic jar
Dainty Packaging
Sea Salt Packaging
Pastel Packaging
I've been giving sea salt to friends and relatives as a Christmas gift though there are times that I also give them as birthday gifts. As much as possible, I like to give gifts that are useful to the recipient and this one made the list of my affordable yet valuable items.

Should you be interested on where I purchase my sea salt, just leave a comment below and I will refer you to my supplier.