Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SRPs for Noche Buena Products as per DTI

This information will be helpful for moms who are budgeting their money in preparation for the Noche Buena. Some of you might chance upon this entry and probably wondering what Noche Buena is. Well, Noche Buena is the night before the Christmas eve where there is a traditional dinner with the family. This practice is observed in Latin America, Spain and the Philippines.

During December, a lot of products being sold in the market and groceries used for the traditional dinner tend to increase their prices. After all these products whether expensive or not are still in demand and people will still want them to celebrate the Christmas tradition.

To give awareness to the consumers, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) released a list of the Noche Buena products together with the suggested retail prices. I just hope that store owners and grocery shops will follow the figures.

You can go directly to the link posted above to view the enlarged list.

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