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Spa Party @ Sissy's Nail Art and Spa

Aloha! It's December and indeed the end of the year 2013 is looming. Time flies indeed!

Let me share to you the bridal shower/spa party which I organized for my sister. She is not aware that she will be having one so she was surprised to see her tarp on the banister of the spa...

tarp care of Faith
Tarpaulin made by Faith (my sister's sister-in-law)
I started planning her bridal shower around June or July but never had a chance to be hands-on as I'm juggling my time helping my sister with her wedding preparations, my work and doing household chores. It was really stressful on my part but I'm glad that I was able to pull it off though there are a few flaws which I will enumerate later.

I decided to have a spa party in a spa/nail salon instead of getting a hotel room because I'm not sure that all of my sister's friends would like the idea of staying overnight in a hotel since majority of them are married and have kids. Second, it will double the expenses on my part and also to her friends since I asked them to contribute a portion of the expenses on the bridal shower as a gift or token.

I ended up booking in Sissy's Nail Art and Spa which is located in Molito. It's right in front of Gold's Gym Molito and if your coming from Commerce Avenue, you won't miss Gold's Gym. If you're coming from Alabang-Zapote road, you will need to take Madrigal Avenue then right turn on Commerce.

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
You're probably, wondering why a spa in Alabang? Well, majority of the guests are from the South and only a handful coming from Metro Manila/North. What's more the place is relatively new. It's clean, has a second floor and we can stay for 4 hours in the place! That's their advantage versus the other spa/nail salons I've been to. Not to mention that the price of their spa package is competitive:

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Packages
Here's a few snapshot inside the spa....

sissy nail spa (ground floor)
The second floor has six couches while the ground floor has ten couches
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
sissy nail spa (view on top)
View of the ground floor from the second floor
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
The place is nice, right? I'm sure you want to know the their terms and conditions:
  • 1 week reservation
  • 50%b downpayment
  • 10 persons (choose up or down)
  • 16 persons (salon is close for 4 hours)
  • Finger foods only and no alcohol beverages
  • Additional Payment for other services
  • Additional Php 1,000 in every excess hour
They are lenient when it comes to decorating the place, you'll be given 30 minutes to decorate and setup the food. A table is provided but it's not a huge table like a dining table (see picture below). Piece of advice, bring a cooler as they don't provide drinks and they don't have a refrigerator in the spa. You will need to request for a glass of water if you want a nice cold drink. It will not be offered to you on the spot.

the bride
The bride (my sister) on the food table
the organizers
We just put balloons on the couches that serves as our decoration plus the tarpauline
foot spa
You have the free will to choose your nail polish.
I was not advised before hand that certain brands of nail polish have extra cost of Php 50. I remember O.P.I and Orly as the brands and most of the guests chose their lacquer from those brands. Oh well....

all together
The bride with the guests
the guests
Clay molding game
You can held bridal shower games in the place. On our case, I had three games which are categorized for - singles, married and a pair/couple. That's why we ended up paying additional Php 1,000 for the excess hour.

Cutie Patootie!
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
You probably noticed that the throw pillows and the color of the chair/couch varies, that is because you can have the chairs customized depending on the color you wanted or motif. The photo above is the want I wanted for the chairs during the bridal shower. I informed them through a private message in Facebook and someone answered saying that it's noted but for some reason they don't have the purple/lavender throw pillow during the event! We ended up having a black and white throw pillow instead since that's the only throw pillow available for that day.

bridal shower attendees
It was fun and tiring day but I'm glad that my sister and her friends are happy
The place is still clean after we had our games that's because the staff will immediately clean up immediately any trash or litter. Now here's my concern about this spa salon:

1. I was told before by the receptionist that we have to bring our drinks because they can only offer juices. When I asked her where we will put the drinks, she told me that they have a cooler. On the day of the spa party to my dismay they don't offer juice drinks and there's no cooler/refrigerator! Had we known then we should have opted for bottled water. Good thing we brought a cooler otherwise if we didn't then we're doomed.

2. Though Php50 is a small amount, I'd appreciate it if I was informed about this little piece of information considering that I made a down payment a month before the event. Sometimes surprises are not always good.

3. My request to have the specific color of throw pillows and the cloth for the couches were not followed. I would understand if they will just put whatever color they have available on the couches if I didn't make any request, but I did. And I made the request a week prior to the event to give them time. What irks me off is that they reply to my message, giving me an assurance that my request is noted:
Exchange of PM with Sissy
4. There's a door in the ground floor of the spa that connects to Pietro's Barber Shop which I assume is a sister company of their spa. A lot of people are going in and out of that door which is distracting. I know the whole spa salon is not close specifically for our event but is it always a must that people will pass through that door as they please?

My Rating for this Spa: 3.5 out of 5
The spa is clean and new. The staff are efficient enough to keep the place tidy. The spa packages they are offering are competitive and they are lenient with the setup of the place for decors. I'm just disappointed that the things I've been told didn't materialize. I was ashamed that a guest whose pregnant was not able to drink a glass of water that we requested. My sister's sister-in-law requested for three glasses of water and the receptionist came back with only one glass of water. It will be nice if they can offer water for free. For juice drinks or iced tea, it will be a great idea to include them in their spa party packages.

Will I be coming back here again? Yes but as a regular/common customer. I'll probably try another salon for a spa party that is within the area. I can still consider them though but I will be more prepared and remind the staff/receptionist of the spa salon of my request(s) as often as I can. It seems that we have a misunderstanding or a lack of communication? This is another lesson learned.

Sissy Brochure
Services at Sissy's Nail Art and Spa

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
Unit 2 Molito Lifestyle Center Madrigal Ave. Ayala Alabang, 1780 Muntinlupa City
(02) 553 3502 / 09163320179
Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page

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