Friday, December 6, 2013

Romance Package (Flower Package in St. James The Great)

I apologize if this post was late but I still hope that future brides of St.James Parish in Ayala will find this helpful. This is a far cry from the Traditional Package and an upgrade from the Classic Package. Without further ado, here's the Romance Package for the flower arrangement.

#3 Romance Package (Php 25,000) 

2 big arrangements at the altar
2 big arrangements at the reredo (behind the altar where the beautiful images and the tabernacle are located)
8 big arrangements on pedestals along the aisle
20 small arrangements on the pews
2 small arrangements for the sponsor candles
2 pcs. sponsor candles 

Ms. Lucille gave us the pictures for the design code R-10 which is the all-asters design exclusive to this package only.

This arrangement reminds me of a garden wedding
The flowers are adorable...too bad you can't bring these flowers to the reception
Whoa! I can imagine an arc made of asters right in the center together with the tall vases.
Since these are the only photos that was given to us, I have no comparison on what other flowers or arrangement they are offering for this package. You can always send an email and inquire or requests for pictures in case you don't find this style appealing to your taste.

The Mother Butler Guild
St. James the Great Parish
Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
Contact Nos.: (917)850 1312; (02)586 2035

Photo Credit: The Mother Butler Guild (St. James the Great Parish)

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