Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Decor Printables

Oh my! In just a few hours, we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014. It's a fast-paced life indeed that I'm amazed how we have grown in the family (I'm talking about the physical aspects and emotional aspects and of course we are growing in number because of our pets).

Today happens to be our mother's birthday so it will be a double celebration as always. But this time, I'm planning to have a few props in handy to celebrate the new year. Thanks to DIY bloggers who never failed to share their ideas. Some of the DIYs that caught my eyes are:

Photo Credit: http://www.iheartnaptime.net
I bet my sister and brother who are in their teens will get a kick out of this. You can even use these props even if it's not New Year. You can simply change the label on the hats and on the crown depending on the celebration you have in mind. To download the printables, go to http://www.iheartnaptime.net/free-printable-new-year-photo-props/.

Photo Credit: http://snapcreativity.com/ 
Ring in the New Year with party hats and tiaras. This is perfect for kids and kids at heart who are game to be silly on the very first day of 2014. I was thinking of putting the hat and the tiara to my two pet dogs who I considered my "children" but my problem is that they are afraid of the fireworks. I'm not so sure if they will gamely put this on their heads but let's see if I can persuade them. To download, go to http://snapcreativity.com/2014-diy-years-hat-crown-printable/

Photo Credit: http://www.the36thavenue.com
I found these printables and immediately thought of adding them to New Year Photo Props from IHeartNapTime. In addition, the chalkboard doodle will be a nice touch to the backdrop curtain I'm planning to use for our DIY photobooth inside our living room.

Photo Credit: http://www.the36thavenue.com
These chalkboard printables reminded me of Charlie Chaplin, classic but never goes out of style. Don't you agree? If you're leaning for black and white on New Year's eve, you can download these printables in http://www.the36thavenue.com/2012/12/chalkboard-free-printables.html.

Photo Credit : http://www.classyclutter.net
To cap off my props for today, I'm going to place a banner in the backdrop together with the chalkboard printable. I found this simple banner and it goes well with the other photo props that I posted here. I will need the height advantage of my teen brother to put this banner. Though the Orchid is the color for 2014, I can't help but use black, white/silver and gold for the eve of New Year. If you're with me in silver and gold, you can download this banner printable here http://www.classyclutter.net/2013/12/new-years-decor-ideas.html. Aside from the banner there are glittery gold garlands that you can add for a more glam touch.

I do hope that the ink levels in our printer is suffice to have all these printables printed. I'm about to start the printing right about now....

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