Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jessy Mendiola Surprises Lucky Guys

I bet you've watched the viral video of Jeric Teng and Jessy Mendiola where the basketball star of UST Growling Tigers got the surprise of his life in McDonald's Eton Centris branch. The dude's reaction was priceless considering Jeric is a celebrity himself.

Well, Jessy Mendiola aka Maria Mercedes strikes again! And on the same branch! What if your one of these lucky guys? How would you react?

I on the other hand will be speechless, starstruck and unable to move since that's my reaction when I saw Donita Rose in person when she casually walks in Jollibee Emerald Avenue branch just to order a medium sized iced tea. That was eight years ago though but still if Jessy is that pretty and hot in television what more in person.

Now you know where to eat your favorite McDonalds meal next time (wink!)

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