Thursday, December 5, 2013

I won a Free Round-Trip Ticket from Air Asia Zest

Isn't obvious that I'm so excited and giddy that I have to shout it out what I won? I almost forgot that I entered a contest in one of the blogs I've been following. I enjoyed reading her blog as it gives out a useful information about travel and shopping finds. She's my ultimate source for the decorative tapes that I've been impulsively buying every time I visit 168 Mall in Divisoria. I'm glad that I visited her website before I doze off but it seems that my adrenaline is high now when I saw this post on her blog...

i won the raffle!

This is the best Christmas gift that I received this year! Thanks Bright Spot for picking me as your winner. Of course, a big thanks to Air Asia Zest for teaming up with Bright Spot for this blog giveaway.

I even pinched myself a few times just to check that I'm not dreaming. This is definitely real and I'm feeling surreal! God answered my prayer to have a travel/trip in 2014!

I'd be so happy to meet you in person Leah (the brain behind Bright Spot). Looking forward to read more of your blog posts and future giveaways!

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