Monday, December 30, 2013

Gift Idea: Human Nature

I bet all of you must have heard this line of products that even celebrities are using (to name a few, they are Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Akiko Thompson, Suzi Entrata-Abrera). What's not to love with Human Nature since it's pro-environment and it's pro-poor which means they are helping our fellow countrymen in their livelihood. I've been a dealer for 3 years now and I must say, I even influenced some of my friends and my husband to trust this brand. One of the few goals of Human Nature is spreading the goodness! And that's my aim if it's not obvious enough in this post.

Every year,  the November-December manalogue (magazine+catalogue) of Human Nature offers a wide selection of gift sets which will make your gift giving easy. For this year, they've come up with these:

Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 199 ( US$ 4.5 and below)
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
You can even get their paper packaging for a hassle-free wrapping of gifts
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 299 (US$ 6.80 and below)
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 329 (US$ 7.47 and below)
Since I'm a dealer, I tend to mix and match the Human Nature products and create gift bundles of my own which I'm giving away to friends and family. These products has been my go-to supplier for our personal use. Even my teenage sister and brother are loving the deo and facial moisturizer of Human Nature.

To avail more discounts when purchasing their products, better sign-up and be a dealer yourself. It's very easy to be a member. When I signed up, I did the transaction online by sending them emails and paying the fee via bank deposit. To know more about Human Nature products (including reviews/feedbacks), just simply visit their website. You can have a chat with their customer service representative who are online if you have further queries.

Human Nature
Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Account

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