Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Educents - Educational Materials Online

It was shared early this year by one of the members of our yahoogroups. This website offers affordable educational materials for kids online. Most of the items are sold for a cheaper price and sometimes like today, you will see some free activity ebooks that you can download.

Though I don't have kids of my own, I started collecting some of the freebies and I was thinking that I can use them as a gift for my godchildren. I can just print the activity ebooks/coloring books and compile them. It's a cheaper alternative for buying books and coloring books in a bookstore. More importantly, I was able to help the kids learn while having fun. I bet that the parents of my godchildren will be happy about my DIY gift.

Some of the free materials that you can download for a limited time offer:

Snowman Math
This set includes 6 centers that build number sense with numbers to 100 or numbers to 1,000. Help your student(s) understand tens and ones, compare two digit numbers, add within 100, do mental math, subtract multiples of 10 and read & write numbers to 1,000! Skills practiced: -standard and expanded forms -comparing numbers -ordering numbers/greater than/less than -place value -applying rules/frames and arrows/function machines. - Educents

I Spy: Shapes
These I Spy: Shapes Brain Breaks are a great tool to get your students up and moving around the room. They also serve as a great quick assessment and review of skills: Can your students apply what they have learned by finding real objects around the room that match the skill?

This shapes’ pack includes both 2D and 3D shapes. Anytime your students need a brain break, you just pull a stick and have them play I Spy around the room! - Educents

Holiday Coloring Book
A wonderful holiday download that will engage the kids and give them hours of coloring delight! The coloring book includes: Santa, Christmas Tree, Snowflakes, Santa Hat, Gingerbread Man, Presents, Ornaments, Stockings, Candy Canes, Bells, Reindeer and Snowman. - Educents

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Photo Credits: Screenshots from Educents website.

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