Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Decor Printables

Oh my! In just a few hours, we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014. It's a fast-paced life indeed that I'm amazed how we have grown in the family (I'm talking about the physical aspects and emotional aspects and of course we are growing in number because of our pets).

Today happens to be our mother's birthday so it will be a double celebration as always. But this time, I'm planning to have a few props in handy to celebrate the new year. Thanks to DIY bloggers who never failed to share their ideas. Some of the DIYs that caught my eyes are:

Photo Credit: http://www.iheartnaptime.net
I bet my sister and brother who are in their teens will get a kick out of this. You can even use these props even if it's not New Year. You can simply change the label on the hats and on the crown depending on the celebration you have in mind. To download the printables, go to http://www.iheartnaptime.net/free-printable-new-year-photo-props/.

Photo Credit: http://snapcreativity.com/ 
Ring in the New Year with party hats and tiaras. This is perfect for kids and kids at heart who are game to be silly on the very first day of 2014. I was thinking of putting the hat and the tiara to my two pet dogs who I considered my "children" but my problem is that they are afraid of the fireworks. I'm not so sure if they will gamely put this on their heads but let's see if I can persuade them. To download, go to http://snapcreativity.com/2014-diy-years-hat-crown-printable/

Photo Credit: http://www.the36thavenue.com
I found these printables and immediately thought of adding them to New Year Photo Props from IHeartNapTime. In addition, the chalkboard doodle will be a nice touch to the backdrop curtain I'm planning to use for our DIY photobooth inside our living room.

Photo Credit: http://www.the36thavenue.com
These chalkboard printables reminded me of Charlie Chaplin, classic but never goes out of style. Don't you agree? If you're leaning for black and white on New Year's eve, you can download these printables in http://www.the36thavenue.com/2012/12/chalkboard-free-printables.html.

Photo Credit : http://www.classyclutter.net
To cap off my props for today, I'm going to place a banner in the backdrop together with the chalkboard printable. I found this simple banner and it goes well with the other photo props that I posted here. I will need the height advantage of my teen brother to put this banner. Though the Orchid is the color for 2014, I can't help but use black, white/silver and gold for the eve of New Year. If you're with me in silver and gold, you can download this banner printable here http://www.classyclutter.net/2013/12/new-years-decor-ideas.html. Aside from the banner there are glittery gold garlands that you can add for a more glam touch.

I do hope that the ink levels in our printer is suffice to have all these printables printed. I'm about to start the printing right about now....

Monday, December 30, 2013

Gift Idea: Human Nature

I bet all of you must have heard this line of products that even celebrities are using (to name a few, they are Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Akiko Thompson, Suzi Entrata-Abrera). What's not to love with Human Nature since it's pro-environment and it's pro-poor which means they are helping our fellow countrymen in their livelihood. I've been a dealer for 3 years now and I must say, I even influenced some of my friends and my husband to trust this brand. One of the few goals of Human Nature is spreading the goodness! And that's my aim if it's not obvious enough in this post.

Every year,  the November-December manalogue (magazine+catalogue) of Human Nature offers a wide selection of gift sets which will make your gift giving easy. For this year, they've come up with these:

Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 199 ( US$ 4.5 and below)
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
You can even get their paper packaging for a hassle-free wrapping of gifts
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 299 (US$ 6.80 and below)
Human Nature Gift Sets for 2013
Gift Bundles Under Php 329 (US$ 7.47 and below)
Since I'm a dealer, I tend to mix and match the Human Nature products and create gift bundles of my own which I'm giving away to friends and family. These products has been my go-to supplier for our personal use. Even my teenage sister and brother are loving the deo and facial moisturizer of Human Nature.

To avail more discounts when purchasing their products, better sign-up and be a dealer yourself. It's very easy to be a member. When I signed up, I did the transaction online by sending them emails and paying the fee via bank deposit. To know more about Human Nature products (including reviews/feedbacks), just simply visit their website. You can have a chat with their customer service representative who are online if you have further queries.

Human Nature
Official Facebook Page
Official Twitter Account

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gift idea: Taste Central

Good afternoon everyone! I bet most of you are enjoying your Christmas vacation with your loved ones. As promised the other day (sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday as my husband took over the desktop watching anime cartoons), I'm going to share to you where I bought my gifts for family and friends.

Let's highlight first this groupon site which I come to love - Taste Central.

I'd be honest that I was intimidated to see the items that they are selling since most of them are quite expensive for a middle-class person or for those who are in a tight budget but they do have SALE items that are less than Php 300 and you will be surprise. What's more the items they are offering are not the items that you regularly see in groceries, supermarket and department stores.

I enjoyed my first purchase and it's easy breezy paying my orders via my Paypal account. I had it deliver to my friend's house since they don't deliver outside Metro Manila which is a boo-boo but hopefully they will expand their shipping locations. In just a few clicks I was able to purchase these items:

first purchase in taste central
My first purchase in Taste Central

They have a promo at the moment which is FREE SHIPPING until January 4, 2014. You have to grab this to save yourselves from spending Php 100.

Taste Central box
Here comes my Taste Central package
Taste Central (side)
I couldn't agree more!
Taste Centra (side)
Finally, you're mine!
unboxing Taste Central
A peek inside the box
Queso de Bola spread
Can't wait to taste this spread - La Cocina de Tita Moning Queso de Bola Spread  (Php 350 each)
Dilmah Tea (can)
I hope that hubby's aunts will like this tea - Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers (Php 100 each)
In any instant that the items you want is not available, no need to fret. There's an option on the item which says Wait List that you can click on. The items will go directly to the Worth the Wait List of your Taste Central account (see pic below).

wait list
My Wait List items which I'm planning to purchase soon
Once the items are available, Taste Central will send you an email to inform you about it. Isn't that cool?

Check out Taste Central now and see if you can find anything you fancy to be given as gifts or simply you want to keep for yourself. Happy browsing and shopping!

Taste Central
Official Facebook Page

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Haven't blog for how many days now and I'm so sorry for being busy but before it's too late, I want to wish you all a....

Merry Christmas!

xmas 2013
Quickpages from - http://fbox.org/templates/7482-4-christmas-quick-pages.html
I was planning to blog about the gifts that I gave to my friends and relatives. It's me sharing you some gift ideas you can consider if in case you're still not done with the Christmas shopping. I hope it's not too late if I start blogging about it tomorrow. After all, Christmas celebration here in our country extends till January in celebration of the Three Kings.

Supposedly it should be today but since we have activities lined up, I will be a busy bee again so stay tuned for tomorrow. Hope you're still there to check out my blog.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SRPs for Noche Buena Products as per DTI

This information will be helpful for moms who are budgeting their money in preparation for the Noche Buena. Some of you might chance upon this entry and probably wondering what Noche Buena is. Well, Noche Buena is the night before the Christmas eve where there is a traditional dinner with the family. This practice is observed in Latin America, Spain and the Philippines.

During December, a lot of products being sold in the market and groceries used for the traditional dinner tend to increase their prices. After all these products whether expensive or not are still in demand and people will still want them to celebrate the Christmas tradition.

To give awareness to the consumers, DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) released a list of the Noche Buena products together with the suggested retail prices. I just hope that store owners and grocery shops will follow the figures.

You can go directly to the link posted above to view the enlarged list.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Educents - Educational Materials Online

It was shared early this year by one of the members of our yahoogroups. This website offers affordable educational materials for kids online. Most of the items are sold for a cheaper price and sometimes like today, you will see some free activity ebooks that you can download.

Though I don't have kids of my own, I started collecting some of the freebies and I was thinking that I can use them as a gift for my godchildren. I can just print the activity ebooks/coloring books and compile them. It's a cheaper alternative for buying books and coloring books in a bookstore. More importantly, I was able to help the kids learn while having fun. I bet that the parents of my godchildren will be happy about my DIY gift.

Some of the free materials that you can download for a limited time offer:

Snowman Math
This set includes 6 centers that build number sense with numbers to 100 or numbers to 1,000. Help your student(s) understand tens and ones, compare two digit numbers, add within 100, do mental math, subtract multiples of 10 and read & write numbers to 1,000! Skills practiced: -standard and expanded forms -comparing numbers -ordering numbers/greater than/less than -place value -applying rules/frames and arrows/function machines. - Educents

I Spy: Shapes
These I Spy: Shapes Brain Breaks are a great tool to get your students up and moving around the room. They also serve as a great quick assessment and review of skills: Can your students apply what they have learned by finding real objects around the room that match the skill?

This shapes’ pack includes both 2D and 3D shapes. Anytime your students need a brain break, you just pull a stick and have them play I Spy around the room! - Educents

Holiday Coloring Book
A wonderful holiday download that will engage the kids and give them hours of coloring delight! The coloring book includes: Santa, Christmas Tree, Snowflakes, Santa Hat, Gingerbread Man, Presents, Ornaments, Stockings, Candy Canes, Bells, Reindeer and Snowman. - Educents

If you haven't signed up, do it now. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter as well so you can get the update which materials are on sale and which ones are for free. Click the banner below to register.

Photo Credits: Screenshots from Educents website.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The District Dasmariñas

Happy Monday everyone! Surprisingly it's a little humid for the day despite that it's December. While people are freezing on the other side of the world, I'm sweating away while creating this post. Climate change is getting scarier as time passes by.

Anyways, some of you might have read the post I created last January about the first Ayala Mall in Cavite province which is The District Imus. Well now, they have another store opened and this time it's for the people of Dasmariñas. It formally opened last November 22 but I only get to drop by last December 2. It's along Paliparan road and you will never miss it if you're coming from Daang Hari-Molino as you will see first on your left the Ayala Settings subdivision then right after is the District Dasmariñas (you will need to take a jeepney going to Paliparan). If you're coming from Paliparan, you will see Dasmariñas Cavite on your right (you can take a jeepney going to Baclaran, Zapote or SM Southmall).

The District Dasmarinas
The District Dasmariñas
Compared to The District Imus, this mall is a little smaller. There's no grocery around the area unlike in District Imus where right next to it sits Metro Department Store and Supermarket. Let's hope that next year they will improve the place and expand it. I would want to have an Ayala cinema near our area. You heard me right, District Dasmariñas is much nearer to my residence than the one in Imus (I only need to take one jeepney ride and pay the minimum fare).

Directory of the Mall
This is the first part of the directory. The other part is on the back of this directory and I wasn't able to take a picture as I'm afraid that the guard will scold me (see the lady guard looking at me and wondering what the heck I'm doing).

District Dasma Hall
The Open Hall
From the name itself it's the hall of the mall and it's open. It's not enclosed in an aircondition environment which is same as the Music Hall of SM MOA but of course, this one is smaller. During this time that I made a visit of the mall, there was an ongoing exhibit about the city of Dasmariñas. The picture and names of the mayors who took over the city were on display. Yesterday, Dasmariñas Bayan celebrated the feast of Immaculate Concepcion.

District Dasma Garden
The Garden
This is my favorite part of the mall as it's relaxing as you look on the path walk and the greenery of the grass with various plants spread on the garden. In the spirit of Christmas, they pit up Christmas lights in the artificial trees. I bet this area looks awesome at night.

Let's see some of the shops/stores inside this mall. Shall we?

Kenko World
Kenko World
This is the first time I heard about this shop. Either I'm outdated or this is actually a new shop to watch out for. I didn't go inside but it seems they're offering knick knacks for home.

Finally an Expressions branch near me! Immediately I went inside and of course, got myself five decorative tapes that I will add to my growing collection. I will make a post about Expressions this month and the other things that you can do with decorative tapes.

Wendys! Finally!
It's the best time for Wendy's!
Yey! Now I can eat my favorite Bacon Mushroom Melt or Bacon Cheeseburger plus Frosty without going to Alabang. I should ask my husband next time to go with me here so we can satisfy our tummies here and burn calories in.....

Timezone! Daytona here I come!
It's been a long time since I played in arcade. During my early 20s whenever me and my husband will date, we don't miss a chance visiting Timezone. Either it's me playing in Daytona race or him playing Tekken.

The District Dasmarinas Concierge
If you have any questions about the shops or stores in the mall, you can check out their concierge located at the second floor. You need to go inside the air conditioned part of the mall though which I know you'd be glad to do especially if comes summer time.

Let's see what stores are operating and which are soon to open:




Notice that majority of the stores are already open so those who are waiting for the other stores, be patient. I'm sure by the first quarter of 2014, all of them will welcome their customers in their respective spots of the mall.

Thank you to Ayala company for bringing another mall in Cavite.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jessy Mendiola Surprises Lucky Guys

I bet you've watched the viral video of Jeric Teng and Jessy Mendiola where the basketball star of UST Growling Tigers got the surprise of his life in McDonald's Eton Centris branch. The dude's reaction was priceless considering Jeric is a celebrity himself.

Well, Jessy Mendiola aka Maria Mercedes strikes again! And on the same branch! What if your one of these lucky guys? How would you react?

I on the other hand will be speechless, starstruck and unable to move since that's my reaction when I saw Donita Rose in person when she casually walks in Jollibee Emerald Avenue branch just to order a medium sized iced tea. That was eight years ago though but still if Jessy is that pretty and hot in television what more in person.

Now you know where to eat your favorite McDonalds meal next time (wink!)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Romance Package (Flower Package in St. James The Great)

I apologize if this post was late but I still hope that future brides of St.James Parish in Ayala will find this helpful. This is a far cry from the Traditional Package and an upgrade from the Classic Package. Without further ado, here's the Romance Package for the flower arrangement.

#3 Romance Package (Php 25,000) 

2 big arrangements at the altar
2 big arrangements at the reredo (behind the altar where the beautiful images and the tabernacle are located)
8 big arrangements on pedestals along the aisle
20 small arrangements on the pews
2 small arrangements for the sponsor candles
2 pcs. sponsor candles 

Ms. Lucille gave us the pictures for the design code R-10 which is the all-asters design exclusive to this package only.

This arrangement reminds me of a garden wedding
The flowers are adorable...too bad you can't bring these flowers to the reception
Whoa! I can imagine an arc made of asters right in the center together with the tall vases.
Since these are the only photos that was given to us, I have no comparison on what other flowers or arrangement they are offering for this package. You can always send an email and inquire or requests for pictures in case you don't find this style appealing to your taste.

The Mother Butler Guild
St. James the Great Parish
Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City
Contact Nos.: (917)850 1312; (02)586 2035

Photo Credit: The Mother Butler Guild (St. James the Great Parish)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I won a Free Round-Trip Ticket from Air Asia Zest

Isn't obvious that I'm so excited and giddy that I have to shout it out what I won? I almost forgot that I entered a contest in one of the blogs I've been following. I enjoyed reading her blog as it gives out a useful information about travel and shopping finds. She's my ultimate source for the decorative tapes that I've been impulsively buying every time I visit 168 Mall in Divisoria. I'm glad that I visited her website before I doze off but it seems that my adrenaline is high now when I saw this post on her blog...

i won the raffle!

This is the best Christmas gift that I received this year! Thanks Bright Spot for picking me as your winner. Of course, a big thanks to Air Asia Zest for teaming up with Bright Spot for this blog giveaway.

I even pinched myself a few times just to check that I'm not dreaming. This is definitely real and I'm feeling surreal! God answered my prayer to have a travel/trip in 2014!

I'd be so happy to meet you in person Leah (the brain behind Bright Spot). Looking forward to read more of your blog posts and future giveaways!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spa Party @ Sissy's Nail Art and Spa

Aloha! It's December and indeed the end of the year 2013 is looming. Time flies indeed!

Let me share to you the bridal shower/spa party which I organized for my sister. She is not aware that she will be having one so she was surprised to see her tarp on the banister of the spa...

tarp care of Faith
Tarpaulin made by Faith (my sister's sister-in-law)
I started planning her bridal shower around June or July but never had a chance to be hands-on as I'm juggling my time helping my sister with her wedding preparations, my work and doing household chores. It was really stressful on my part but I'm glad that I was able to pull it off though there are a few flaws which I will enumerate later.

I decided to have a spa party in a spa/nail salon instead of getting a hotel room because I'm not sure that all of my sister's friends would like the idea of staying overnight in a hotel since majority of them are married and have kids. Second, it will double the expenses on my part and also to her friends since I asked them to contribute a portion of the expenses on the bridal shower as a gift or token.

I ended up booking in Sissy's Nail Art and Spa which is located in Molito. It's right in front of Gold's Gym Molito and if your coming from Commerce Avenue, you won't miss Gold's Gym. If you're coming from Alabang-Zapote road, you will need to take Madrigal Avenue then right turn on Commerce.

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
You're probably, wondering why a spa in Alabang? Well, majority of the guests are from the South and only a handful coming from Metro Manila/North. What's more the place is relatively new. It's clean, has a second floor and we can stay for 4 hours in the place! That's their advantage versus the other spa/nail salons I've been to. Not to mention that the price of their spa package is competitive:

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Packages
Here's a few snapshot inside the spa....

sissy nail spa (ground floor)
The second floor has six couches while the ground floor has ten couches
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
sissy nail spa (view on top)
View of the ground floor from the second floor
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
The place is nice, right? I'm sure you want to know the their terms and conditions:
  • 1 week reservation
  • 50%b downpayment
  • 10 persons (choose up or down)
  • 16 persons (salon is close for 4 hours)
  • Finger foods only and no alcohol beverages
  • Additional Payment for other services
  • Additional Php 1,000 in every excess hour
They are lenient when it comes to decorating the place, you'll be given 30 minutes to decorate and setup the food. A table is provided but it's not a huge table like a dining table (see picture below). Piece of advice, bring a cooler as they don't provide drinks and they don't have a refrigerator in the spa. You will need to request for a glass of water if you want a nice cold drink. It will not be offered to you on the spot.

the bride
The bride (my sister) on the food table
the organizers
We just put balloons on the couches that serves as our decoration plus the tarpauline
foot spa
You have the free will to choose your nail polish.
I was not advised before hand that certain brands of nail polish have extra cost of Php 50. I remember O.P.I and Orly as the brands and most of the guests chose their lacquer from those brands. Oh well....

all together
The bride with the guests
the guests
Clay molding game
You can held bridal shower games in the place. On our case, I had three games which are categorized for - singles, married and a pair/couple. That's why we ended up paying additional Php 1,000 for the excess hour.

Cutie Patootie!
(Photo Credit: Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page)
You probably noticed that the throw pillows and the color of the chair/couch varies, that is because you can have the chairs customized depending on the color you wanted or motif. The photo above is the want I wanted for the chairs during the bridal shower. I informed them through a private message in Facebook and someone answered saying that it's noted but for some reason they don't have the purple/lavender throw pillow during the event! We ended up having a black and white throw pillow instead since that's the only throw pillow available for that day.

bridal shower attendees
It was fun and tiring day but I'm glad that my sister and her friends are happy
The place is still clean after we had our games that's because the staff will immediately clean up immediately any trash or litter. Now here's my concern about this spa salon:

1. I was told before by the receptionist that we have to bring our drinks because they can only offer juices. When I asked her where we will put the drinks, she told me that they have a cooler. On the day of the spa party to my dismay they don't offer juice drinks and there's no cooler/refrigerator! Had we known then we should have opted for bottled water. Good thing we brought a cooler otherwise if we didn't then we're doomed.

2. Though Php50 is a small amount, I'd appreciate it if I was informed about this little piece of information considering that I made a down payment a month before the event. Sometimes surprises are not always good.

3. My request to have the specific color of throw pillows and the cloth for the couches were not followed. I would understand if they will just put whatever color they have available on the couches if I didn't make any request, but I did. And I made the request a week prior to the event to give them time. What irks me off is that they reply to my message, giving me an assurance that my request is noted:
Exchange of PM with Sissy
4. There's a door in the ground floor of the spa that connects to Pietro's Barber Shop which I assume is a sister company of their spa. A lot of people are going in and out of that door which is distracting. I know the whole spa salon is not close specifically for our event but is it always a must that people will pass through that door as they please?

My Rating for this Spa: 3.5 out of 5
The spa is clean and new. The staff are efficient enough to keep the place tidy. The spa packages they are offering are competitive and they are lenient with the setup of the place for decors. I'm just disappointed that the things I've been told didn't materialize. I was ashamed that a guest whose pregnant was not able to drink a glass of water that we requested. My sister's sister-in-law requested for three glasses of water and the receptionist came back with only one glass of water. It will be nice if they can offer water for free. For juice drinks or iced tea, it will be a great idea to include them in their spa party packages.

Will I be coming back here again? Yes but as a regular/common customer. I'll probably try another salon for a spa party that is within the area. I can still consider them though but I will be more prepared and remind the staff/receptionist of the spa salon of my request(s) as often as I can. It seems that we have a misunderstanding or a lack of communication? This is another lesson learned.

Sissy Brochure
Services at Sissy's Nail Art and Spa

Sissy's Nail Art and Spa
Unit 2 Molito Lifestyle Center Madrigal Ave. Ayala Alabang, 1780 Muntinlupa City
(02) 553 3502 / 09163320179
Sissy's Nail Art and Spa Facebook Page