Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reimel and Jerilee SDE Video

Sending love and happy vibes for today as I share the wedding SDE of my sister and brother-in-law :)

During my time SDE (same day edit) is called onsite video. The name explains for itself since the video will be shown on the exact day where the videographers will capture still videos throughout the wedding day - from preparations to church ceremony till reception.

I can't help but feel proud with this video created by Blacktie Project. Six years ago when I was preparing my wedding, this group of young and talented photographers and videographers are non-existent but now they are making some noise in the wedding industry.

My sister was lucky to won their auction last year of November from Weddingsatwork. They got the Blacktie Project service at 40% of it's original rate.To participate in the auction you must be a member of the W@W yahoogroup and an active member. It's an online support group  which is very helpful when it comes to preparing your dream wedding. Each members will share their insights, experiences and even exchange points of view about a certain topic or supplier.

Anyways, without so much explanation and nonsense talk (I hope not), may I present to you the video that I'm bragging about. Good job Blacktie Project! Everyone loves the SDE!

REIMEL / JERILEE [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

Website | www.blacktieproject.com
Email | info@blacktieproject.com
Twitter | www.twitter.com/blacktieproject
Instagram | @blacktieproject

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