Saturday, November 23, 2013

National Geographic Channel Presents Pedigree University

Dog lovers here's your chance for your dog to become the best that they can be! Pedigree® University in partnership with The National Geographic Channel is now accepting students. Registration is FREE!

Unleash you dog's potential and as an owner you also need to know your dog's capabilities and how to improve it. Simply register in NGC Pedigree University and strut with your dog tomorrow (November 24) at 11am in Bonifacio High Street.

pedigree university
Screenshot from NGC Pedigree University

How I wish that Scoop will be apart of all this but he is so big now and we don't have our own transportation. Commuting is impossible! I want for him to learn to socialize with other dogs. How I wish that there are training centers here in the South area.

Hurry peeps, enroll your furry friends and I bet that your stay in Pedigree University will be one of the best experiences for you and your dog.

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