Monday, September 30, 2013

Would you be my....MOH?

I was rummaging through our laundry basket this morning when I found a paper bag that was given to be my sister last March. I knew the contents of that bag in an instant and I can't help but smile.

A personalized card from my sister. This is the first time she gave me one. sweet of her to make me part of her entourage. Believe it or not I was not expecting to be a part of her entourage. After all I'm married already so I know that the special role I can do for her wedding is to be her personal assistant while preparing for her big day or one of the readers/offerors on the ceremony. That's why it came as a surprise that she chose me to be her Matron of Honor.
Tokens for the entourage together with the card
The tokens that came with her card will come in handy in November for our Bohol trip. Since the bottles are in travel size, it will be easy for me to carry them during our 4D/3N stay there.

You're probably wondering what this Matron of Honor is doing for the bride. I'd say loads! With only a month and  a few days left, I have a lot to accomplish with the assigned tasks she gave me. I was thinking of filing a leave for a day or two just to make sure that I can meet the deadline. I've been in cramming state before and that was the day before my wedding, I don't want to stress myself again for the second time. I'm taking a deep breath now...tomorrow is October and I know that I'll be busy than ever in the next coming days including the backlog posts about our food tasting and the hotel tripping. Yikes! Stay tuned.

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