Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Philippines - 2013 CHAMPION Pyronale Fireworks Competition

I can't help but be proud that the Philippines (represented by Dragon Fireworks) won the 2013 Pyronale Fireworks World Championships! The country got 2 Awards: the Audience Choice Award and the Gold Trophy as the 2013 Grand Champion. The competition was held in Berlin Germany.

Dragon Fireworks is known as one of the best in the country when it comes to fireworks or should I say pyrotechnics. They are the go-to supplier for couples who wants a fireworks display on their reception. Wow! They've come a long way from being a mere supplier to an international sensation. Kudos to you guys!

A little sharing about myself. I have a Pyrotechnophobia. Ever since I was a little girl, the eve of New Year is not my favorite holiday as I dreaded hearing all the noise coming from firecrackers and fireworks. It even came to a point that I'll be hiding in a closet or under my bed. 

Gradually I was able to minimize my reaction towards the fireworks. Either I'll be plugging an earphone to shutdown the noise or I'll play loud music in my room. If you're going to ask me if I'm brave enough to go outside during the eve of New Year, well the answer is a big NO. I'm still terrified seeing the fireworks/firecrackers in action within a few distances from me. My close friends know this piece of secret about me that's why they understand immediately if I decline to any events if it falls down on December 30th till January 1st.

But that phobia didn't stop me from watching this video. I actually enjoyed it. Now I'm thinking of how it feels to watch it live, I should put this in my bucket list. They say that to overcome your fear, you have to face it head on and that's what I'm going to do. I'll start watching the Pyro Musical Competition live.

For now, please do enjoy watching this video. The pyrotechnics are simply amazing especially the last part! Congratulations to the Philippine Team! You made us all proud!

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