Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gearing up for Christmas

They say that in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas longer than any other countries. As soon as September month comes in, it’s the cue for everyone to start prepping for the Yuletide Season! Do you know that Christmas is my favorite event followed by my birthday? I just love the colorful lights, decors, Christmas songs & carols and most especially the people are in good spirits during this time of the year.

So let me tell you a few things you need to prep to get in the Christmas mood right now!

1. Start making your shopping list
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Don’t leave it till December to think about what to get who! You don’t want to be buying things on impulse, then trying to figure out later on who would be the best person to gift it to. Not that it wouldn't work, but think about it this way: At the moment when you receive a present, wouldn't it be nice to know that your friend had you specifically in mind when he bought that gift? Also, when you already have an idea of what you want to get, you have 4 months to get the best deals around! I’m sure everyone would like that idea of scoring some good deals as Christmas gifts. My sister who is based in Kuala Lumpur told me that she didn't see any Bath and Body Works shops/boutiques in KL. I think that’s my cue to give her one!

2. Visit a tiangge/bazaar/flea markets or Divisoria
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As September rolls in, so do the Christmas bazaars! Not only they are the go to place when you want to get items in bulk for the whole office, you may also want to visit a tiangge to soak in the festive season! You can also find a whole multitude of Christmas ornaments to get your house in the mood for Christmas! Places such St. Francis Square , 168 Mall and Greenhills offers bargained items which will definitely put a smile on your face. As a matter of fact, I've made three trips to Divisoria (168 Mall) since August and some shops are already selling Christmas items and decors. If the crowds are not for you, why not try online bazaars such as Zalora? Beat the Christmas rush and have stress free gift giving this year! I'm sure you will be delighted to see the products and discounts they're offering. As a matter of fact they have items that are discounted up to 70% which can be great Christmas gifts for you peers and loved ones. I'm happy to announce that some Bath and Body Works items are on sale as we speak. 

3. Decorate!
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No Christmas season is complete without decorations! After your trip to the bazaar, make sure you have plenty of Christmas decorations to decorate your home. That will definitely set the ambiance of your home to a festive and positive vibe for December. If your getting low on funds, how about give a chance on DIY (do-it-yourself) Christmas decors. There's a wide selection of websites that can serves us your reference. Moreover, this is a perfect bonding activity with your friends and family. 

I’m totally excited for Christmas! Are you?

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