Monday, September 23, 2013

Dr. Phil Test

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been missing for a week. Been busy with the wedding preps of my sister and as well with my work. Add up to the tasks I need to do are my two canine pets who are now mopping at home since they can't walk or play outside.

For today since most of you are probably keeping to stay dry at the comfort of your humble abode, you might want to check out this test and see if the results are accurate to your personality. Don't worry, it's only 10 questions not unlike the online quizzes or personality tests that takes about 10 minutes or longer for them to be answered.

In case you're wondering who is Dr. Phil aka Phil McGraw, he is a popular psychologist in the US and a TV personality. I'm sure you have watched some of his episodes in his own television show titled Dr. Phil where he tackles on domestic violence, addictions, etc.

A little spoiler on this test, I scored 45. And it says....
I scored 45
Are you ready to find out what the test says about you? Have fun and share it with your friends or family members. Here it is.....

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