Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cavite MSMEs Trade Fair and Exhibit

Last Sunday my brother and I went to visit The District Cavite just to buy J.Co Donuts. Since it's weekend I expected that the queue on their cashier will be long. So while we are waiting for our turn, I asked my brother to fall in line while I looked for a BPI ATM machine where I can withdraw some money.

I noticed on the ground floor of Promenade that there's an exhibit where Cavite local products are showcase. I decided to take a look and see what products are being sold.

Cavite MSMEs Trade Fair
Cavite MSMEs Trade Fair and Exhibit when viewed on the 2/F Promenade
Dry goods and foods are up for sale by Cavite entrepreneurs
I spot some shoes! 
Since I want to take a closer look of the items on the exhibit, I went down from the 2nd floor and aimlessly roam around the exhibit.
shoes and sandals
Sandals and shoes for sale. I didn't ask for the price so I have no idea how much it costs.
RTW for fashionistas! My youngest sister will definitely like the white shirt with a UK flag print. 
wood crafts
This caught my attention. I loved how the mini houses were made. This is perfect for students creating a dioramas.
felt finished earrings
Felt finished earrings. I was tempted to by a pair or two but decided not to do it.
Looking back, it will be a perfect accessories for my Bhutan beads that has the same texture as these earrings.
Another accessories booth! But they are selling pearl earrings =)
Alegro Enterprise
Alegro Enterprise.  I didn't take a closer look on what products they are offering.
I just zoomed my digicam that's why the picture is a little blurry.
Silang Farm Harvest
Silang Farm Harvest boasts their 10 in 1 Herbal Tea and their Guyabano concentrated powdered drink
dried fishes
Dried Fishes! I was craving for a Danggit and Dried Pusit since June.
I was hesitant to purchase dried fishes in groceries because most of the time, they are not as good as the originals.
vegetable chips
Vegetable Chips! A healthy snack that you can eat with your family. I wonder how they taste...
Coco Jam and Peanut Butter spread to put on your bread if you have a sweet tooth.
 I like my peanut butter when it's not oily. Same with my coco jam.
Chips and Curls. I bet my husband will love these sight. 
I wish the trade fair and exhibit will be extended till next week where I have my salary by then and I can try the vegetable chips, the coco jam and the dried fishes. For those of you Southerners especially Cavitenos who have money to spare, go to The District Cavite and sample the locally products that our beloved province has to offer. The exhibit is till Sunday only (September 8).

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