Thursday, September 26, 2013

BDJ Fair 2013-Make It Happen: Your Life's Masterpiece on Oct13

I've been a fan of the Belle De Jour Planners since 2010. I never got to used all the coupons but I was able to share some with friends and relatives as I don't want the majority of the coupons wasted.

Last year, I was present in the BDJ Fair where I purchased four planners - for me, my sister and her soon-to-be sisters-in-law. I enjoyed the fair that's why I don't want to miss this event which is happening at the Mall of Asia Music Hall where it was held last year.  This time around I promise to document everything about the fair and of course I have to bring a reliable digital camera for some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Save the Date for the BDJ Fair 2013!
What got me really excited for this year's fair is having my name in the cover of the BDJ planner! In addition to that, I can get the BDJ Planner 2014 for only PHP 480! Squeal! Now I just need to follow the instructions given below:

So for the Bellas like me, what are you waiting for? Hurry and sign up now. Thanks to my sister for sending me this information. I'm wondering last week on when and where the BDJ Fair will commence. I got my answer now.

For more information, just click on this link BDJ Fair 2013-Make It Happen: Your Life's Masterpiece on Oct13.

You can also check out the Belle de Jour Planner website.

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