Friday, August 16, 2013

What's Forever For?

The past few weeks, I've been hearing a lot of couples battling it out in court for the custody of their children and their rights as an individual. Did marriage did this to them? Or the essence of  a marriage seems to slip away as years goes by. Pardon me for being sentimental today, I just couldn't help but wonder what happen....

I've been looking at people and how they change with the times
And lately all I've been seeing are people
Throwing love away and losing their minds

Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto
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Who will forget this couple? They've proven that they will stand by each other no matter what happens when they were involved in a brawl with a known broadcaster/reporter in an airport terminal. I've seen their wedding and how much in love they were during that day. But Raymart left their love nest and never returned for how many months now. No third party involved in their trial separation(?) except the news about a bank account that was emptied and the Barretto's kept secret of Claudine's depression which was exposed when older sister Gretchen blurted it out in social media. Then there's a photo of Clauding in Instagram with a  bruise on her left cheek mounting to more speculations. The couple celebrated their birthday separately last July that puzzles the people more on what's going on with their relationship. Then out of the blue, Claudine filed for a Temporary Protection Order against Raymart and in return Raymart files for Habeas Corpus to get the custody of the children.

Maybe it's me who's gone crazy, Cause I can't understand why
All these lovers keep hurting each other, 
When good love is so hard to come by

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz
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Age and having kids are not hindrances to marry one of the most sexiest woman in local entertainment. Cesar Montano is one lucky man having Sunshine Cruz as a wife when she was only 23 years old. I've also seen their wedding in the garden of Coconut Palace with Manila Bay serving as a backdrop. Their Christian wedding was breathtaking and it was serene. When I was watching it, I said to myself that perhaps Cesar will be a one-woman man but old habits die hard I suppose. For 13 years that they've been together, Cesar is always linked to various women and the last rumor with Krista Miller was the final straw for Shine. Sunshine left Cesar last January of this year and she started being active again in showbiz to provide for her children. Recently, Cesar fetch their children from school and promised her estranged wife that they will return them to her. Up to now the children are still with their father and it seems he has no intentions of returning them causing Sunshine to file a case against her husband to fight for the custody of her children and her right as a woman. A case of violence against women and children was filed the other day by Sunshine in Quezon City Prosecutor's office. Yesterday the couple came face to face with each other in court. Shine got her children back but it seems that Cesar won't back down without putting up a fight.

I see love hungry people tryin' their best to survive, 
When in their hands is a dying romance, 
If they're not even tryin' to keep it alive

Sen. Koko Pimentel and Jewel May Lobaton
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Honestly I'm not much into politicians private lives thus I am clueless on who Sen. Koko Pimentel wife is until the news came out that they decided to separated last 2011. There are speculations that the reason why the couple split was because Sen. Pimentel is abusing her wife physically to which Jewel denied the rumors. My father have his own hypothesis and that is the senator could be gay and it was discovered by the wife (the plot seems familiar right? My father can be over dramatic sometimes). Recently it was found out the real reason why they called it quits. Former beauty queen Jewel Lobaton (wife of the senator) has accused his estranged husband of psychological and emotional abuse. She is set to file  a case against Pimentel for violating Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act. The senator's only reaction, ""This is a free country. She can file any case in court. But out of respect for my family and our children, I will only answer all accusations once the case is filed in the proper venue," he said. (

So what's the glory in living?
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore?
And if love never lasts forever, tell me what's Forever For?

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