Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kagilas-gilas Pilipinas

Kudos to the Philippine Team for bagging the silver medal in the recently concluded 27th FIBA Asia Championship!
Gilas Filipinas
(Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/kanvas.inc)
Although most of the Filipinos would have wanted for them to win the gold medal, the desire to play a sport that is known for the big and tall guys is enough reason for us to be proud of the team for proving that we can be competitive albeit the lacking of height. All it takes is faith, guts and strong will that we can do it.

I'd be honest that I didn't start watching their FIBA games. I got interested when it's their turn to face the South Korea team and that's the first and last that I was able to watch the Philippine team compete. I know that it's late on my part to appreciate the FIBA games but nonetheless I was mighty proud watching them on our television together with my whole family. Too bad I missed the championship game while I was out with my friends.

Having won the 2nd place in FIBA, they are now qualified to compete in FIBA World Cup in Spain! Woohoo! It's definitely a whole new level of basketball and definitely not to be miss. Pau Gasol was kind and gracious to congratulate the Philippine team and welcome them for next year:

(Photo Credit: www.philstar.com )
So excited! Now, we're back in the game!

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