Saturday, August 31, 2013

Divisoria Guide

Divisoria is a haven for shoppers and entrepreneurs who are looking for bargained goods. A few years back my sister and her friend used to buy Class A bags in this place which they sell to their friends and colleagues. The tagline of Shoemart's We've got it all for you fits this place perfectly.

I've been to Divi (short term for Divisoria) a few times and to be honest I'm not that familiar with the area at all. Moreover I don't have the courage to go there by myself as I'm scared to be lost or worst to be a victim of holdapers or snatchers. The place is pretty crowded on weekends especially when it's nearing Christmas season. That's why I'm ecstatic to discover this app which is available for iOS and will be launch in September 6, 2013.

Behold! The Divisoria Guide App
With this app going around Divisoria will be a breeze! You will find what you're looking for in an instant. Saves you a lot of time, money and effort. I don't need to worry in getting lost as they have a map of the whole place. I super like!

Divisoria Guide takes your shopping experience in Divisoria in a whole new level. Below are the screenshots of the app:
Finding the stalls for different merchandise will be hassle-free
Business owners will be able to score some good deals for their raw materials/products
I love the maps!
Be street smart with this app
No worries in getting lost
Learn everything you need to know in putting up your first business with this app:
I super like this info! 
Pretty cool huh? This app will surely be a hit for everyone with iOS gadgets that is. So to the creator(s), please make it available soon in Android.

Mark your calendars! The launching date for this app is on September 6, 2013.

Photo Credits: Divisoria Guide Facebook Page

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