Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Couples Should Go On Vacation Instead of Buying Stuff

Someone from Facebook shared this link and I thought to myself, "Yes! I have to show this to my husband to enlighten him!". Yeah, my better half is not a big fan of trips or travels. It's a miracle that I was able to tag him in Boracay and Coron, Palawan but when it comes to traveling out of the country I always end up being alone. So maybe these reasons will change his mind and hopefully we can travel next year to Singapore/Legoland Malaysia.

1. People who collect experiences are happier than people who collect things.
2. You can see the world.
3. You can visit family or friends.
4. Travel is educational.
5. It can be cheaper.
6. It puts you in touch with nature.

6. It puts you in touch with nature.

7. You can take time away from the kids.
8. Or you can bond with the kids!
9. You often do things on vacation you wouldn’t otherwise.
10. Learning about other cultures and ways of life helps you appreciate your own life.
11. Sleeping in a hotel makes you happy to come home to your own bed.
12. Your relationship grows on vacation in a way that it can’t at home.

12. Your relationship grows on vacation in a way that it can’t at home.

13. You’re making a lasting memory.
14. Your home will remain less cluttered.
15. It’s fun!

For the explanation of every reasons stated above, you can check out this article from babble where I got it from. As for me, life is short to waste it in front of a laptop where you can do something far better and fun. I definitely want to make the most out of my life and I want my husband to do the same.

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