Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cheap Decorative Tapes

Crafts and DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) are so popular these days especially if your throwing a party or having an event and you need to cut down the cost as much as you can. I have my fair share of DIY when I was preparing my wedding back in 2006 and that was creating my Save the Date magnets. In a mommy yahoogroup where I'm a member, one mommy shared her find in Expressions which is the decorative tapes that are so huge now. Blame it on Washi tapes that started it all. A normal washi tape costs Php75-100 depending on the length and design. To be honest I find it quite pricey thus some individuals looked for a cheaper alternative and they found it in Expressions, a school and office supplies store.

Arm with this shared discovery, I went to check out the nearest Expressions branch in our area. Good thing it wouldn't take me an hour to commute going to Dasmarinas Cavite, thank you for the orange multicabs found in SM Molino Hypermarket terminal.

First stop is Expressions branch in Waltermart Dasmarinas. Upon entrance you will see on your left the Jollibee/Greenwich fast food then right next to it is the Expressions. The branch is simply humble and my impression is that they don't stock much in their inventory.  I felt that I'm one of the last people to know about these tapes that I ended up getting only the ff:
I only scored 4 tapes (see the tapes with * mark)
Since I'm already in the area, I decided to go to another Expressions branch located in SM Dasmarinas which can be found in the lower ground floor. Sometimes I think impulsively and this is not an exception. I'm itching to try out these tapes to a plastic container that's been sitting in our room for quite some time now. I know that it needs a makeover and the tapes will do the trick.

I was not disappointed since I found the remaining tapes on the above picture (disregard the tapes with * mark and those are the tapes that I got in Expressions Dasmarinas).
decorative tapes which cost Php 19.75
Decorative Tapes cost Php 19.75 each
fabric tapes that cost Ph 29.95
Fabric Tapes cost Php 29.95 each
Here's the container that badly needs an over haul (just kidding, I'm exagerating). It's actually good as it is but the prints on the container itself is irritating to my eyesight.

an empty biscuit container
an empty plastic container that is perfect for storing things 
I want to cover the prints on this container so I chose the color red tape
fully covered
Tada! It looks nicer, doesn't it?
pretty cover :)
I'm not satisfied with the way the cover turned out so I added another tape to cover the slightly visible print.
Now this is much better :)

Who would've thought that putting tapes can be so addicting? Hahahaha!
The finish look of the plastic container after my make-over. The design of the tapes remind me of Christmas.
 I bet you're wondering how much tape I consumed after covering the whole plastic container. You will be surprised to know that it didn't even reached one whole roll. Probably half of the roll was used. What's more, the tape that I used has a plastic finish thus I don't need to worry about water spilling all over it. I'm sure that the designs on the tape or the whole tape itself will still be intact.

Stay tuned for more craft/DIYs ideas from these wonderful and cheap tapes. Also, I found the same tapes on my trip to Divisoria a few weeks back. I'll create a separate entry about it since I found a lot of other stuff that is worth paying a visit.

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