Saturday, August 31, 2013

Divisoria Guide

Divisoria is a haven for shoppers and entrepreneurs who are looking for bargained goods. A few years back my sister and her friend used to buy Class A bags in this place which they sell to their friends and colleagues. The tagline of Shoemart's We've got it all for you fits this place perfectly.

I've been to Divi (short term for Divisoria) a few times and to be honest I'm not that familiar with the area at all. Moreover I don't have the courage to go there by myself as I'm scared to be lost or worst to be a victim of holdapers or snatchers. The place is pretty crowded on weekends especially when it's nearing Christmas season. That's why I'm ecstatic to discover this app which is available for iOS and will be launch in September 6, 2013.

Behold! The Divisoria Guide App
With this app going around Divisoria will be a breeze! You will find what you're looking for in an instant. Saves you a lot of time, money and effort. I don't need to worry in getting lost as they have a map of the whole place. I super like!

Divisoria Guide takes your shopping experience in Divisoria in a whole new level. Below are the screenshots of the app:
Finding the stalls for different merchandise will be hassle-free
Business owners will be able to score some good deals for their raw materials/products
I love the maps!
Be street smart with this app
No worries in getting lost
Learn everything you need to know in putting up your first business with this app:
I super like this info! 
Pretty cool huh? This app will surely be a hit for everyone with iOS gadgets that is. So to the creator(s), please make it available soon in Android.

Mark your calendars! The launching date for this app is on September 6, 2013.

Photo Credits: Divisoria Guide Facebook Page

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

JT is the Man

While I was watching the performance of Justin Timberlake in the recently concluded MTV Video Music awards, I feel like a teenager all over again. This dude is sexy, classy and hot! Lucky Jessica Biel to have him as her husband. Too bad for you Britney Spears, you let him slipped away. Are you crazy?! Sigh! Watched the video below and I'm sure you will agree with me that he deserved the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award (it's a lifetime achievement award) for his contribution to MTV culture.

His proven that he is a good friend and a band mate as he acknowledge that half of the moon awards that he got were during the N Sync days. He even decided to reunite their group as they performed in the VMA awards to show his gratitude to them. Taylor Swift with Selena Gomez and company surely enjoys this performance as the camera keeps on zooming on them as they danced and sing to Justin's songs. Don't forget that Lady Gaga with her monsters where on the same boat with Taylor. This group surely knows how to have a good time in an awards night while Rihanna was so composed on her seat.

A composer, singer, performer and an actor - wow! He is one versatile fine man. Congratulations on the award Sexyback!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Couples Should Go On Vacation Instead of Buying Stuff

Someone from Facebook shared this link and I thought to myself, "Yes! I have to show this to my husband to enlighten him!". Yeah, my better half is not a big fan of trips or travels. It's a miracle that I was able to tag him in Boracay and Coron, Palawan but when it comes to traveling out of the country I always end up being alone. So maybe these reasons will change his mind and hopefully we can travel next year to Singapore/Legoland Malaysia.

1. People who collect experiences are happier than people who collect things.
2. You can see the world.
3. You can visit family or friends.
4. Travel is educational.
5. It can be cheaper.
6. It puts you in touch with nature.

6. It puts you in touch with nature.

7. You can take time away from the kids.
8. Or you can bond with the kids!
9. You often do things on vacation you wouldn’t otherwise.
10. Learning about other cultures and ways of life helps you appreciate your own life.
11. Sleeping in a hotel makes you happy to come home to your own bed.
12. Your relationship grows on vacation in a way that it can’t at home.

12. Your relationship grows on vacation in a way that it can’t at home.

13. You’re making a lasting memory.
14. Your home will remain less cluttered.
15. It’s fun!

For the explanation of every reasons stated above, you can check out this article from babble where I got it from. As for me, life is short to waste it in front of a laptop where you can do something far better and fun. I definitely want to make the most out of my life and I want my husband to do the same.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cheap Decorative Tapes

Crafts and DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) are so popular these days especially if your throwing a party or having an event and you need to cut down the cost as much as you can. I have my fair share of DIY when I was preparing my wedding back in 2006 and that was creating my Save the Date magnets. In a mommy yahoogroup where I'm a member, one mommy shared her find in Expressions which is the decorative tapes that are so huge now. Blame it on Washi tapes that started it all. A normal washi tape costs Php75-100 depending on the length and design. To be honest I find it quite pricey thus some individuals looked for a cheaper alternative and they found it in Expressions, a school and office supplies store.

Arm with this shared discovery, I went to check out the nearest Expressions branch in our area. Good thing it wouldn't take me an hour to commute going to Dasmarinas Cavite, thank you for the orange multicabs found in SM Molino Hypermarket terminal.

First stop is Expressions branch in Waltermart Dasmarinas. Upon entrance you will see on your left the Jollibee/Greenwich fast food then right next to it is the Expressions. The branch is simply humble and my impression is that they don't stock much in their inventory.  I felt that I'm one of the last people to know about these tapes that I ended up getting only the ff:
I only scored 4 tapes (see the tapes with * mark)
Since I'm already in the area, I decided to go to another Expressions branch located in SM Dasmarinas which can be found in the lower ground floor. Sometimes I think impulsively and this is not an exception. I'm itching to try out these tapes to a plastic container that's been sitting in our room for quite some time now. I know that it needs a makeover and the tapes will do the trick.

I was not disappointed since I found the remaining tapes on the above picture (disregard the tapes with * mark and those are the tapes that I got in Expressions Dasmarinas).
decorative tapes which cost Php 19.75
Decorative Tapes cost Php 19.75 each
fabric tapes that cost Ph 29.95
Fabric Tapes cost Php 29.95 each
Here's the container that badly needs an over haul (just kidding, I'm exagerating). It's actually good as it is but the prints on the container itself is irritating to my eyesight.

an empty biscuit container
an empty plastic container that is perfect for storing things 
I want to cover the prints on this container so I chose the color red tape
fully covered
Tada! It looks nicer, doesn't it?
pretty cover :)
I'm not satisfied with the way the cover turned out so I added another tape to cover the slightly visible print.
Now this is much better :)

Who would've thought that putting tapes can be so addicting? Hahahaha!
The finish look of the plastic container after my make-over. The design of the tapes remind me of Christmas.
 I bet you're wondering how much tape I consumed after covering the whole plastic container. You will be surprised to know that it didn't even reached one whole roll. Probably half of the roll was used. What's more, the tape that I used has a plastic finish thus I don't need to worry about water spilling all over it. I'm sure that the designs on the tape or the whole tape itself will still be intact.

Stay tuned for more craft/DIYs ideas from these wonderful and cheap tapes. Also, I found the same tapes on my trip to Divisoria a few weeks back. I'll create a separate entry about it since I found a lot of other stuff that is worth paying a visit.

Friday, August 16, 2013

What's Forever For?

The past few weeks, I've been hearing a lot of couples battling it out in court for the custody of their children and their rights as an individual. Did marriage did this to them? Or the essence of  a marriage seems to slip away as years goes by. Pardon me for being sentimental today, I just couldn't help but wonder what happen....

I've been looking at people and how they change with the times
And lately all I've been seeing are people
Throwing love away and losing their minds

Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto
Photo Credit:
Who will forget this couple? They've proven that they will stand by each other no matter what happens when they were involved in a brawl with a known broadcaster/reporter in an airport terminal. I've seen their wedding and how much in love they were during that day. But Raymart left their love nest and never returned for how many months now. No third party involved in their trial separation(?) except the news about a bank account that was emptied and the Barretto's kept secret of Claudine's depression which was exposed when older sister Gretchen blurted it out in social media. Then there's a photo of Clauding in Instagram with a  bruise on her left cheek mounting to more speculations. The couple celebrated their birthday separately last July that puzzles the people more on what's going on with their relationship. Then out of the blue, Claudine filed for a Temporary Protection Order against Raymart and in return Raymart files for Habeas Corpus to get the custody of the children.

Maybe it's me who's gone crazy, Cause I can't understand why
All these lovers keep hurting each other, 
When good love is so hard to come by

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz
Photo Credit:
Age and having kids are not hindrances to marry one of the most sexiest woman in local entertainment. Cesar Montano is one lucky man having Sunshine Cruz as a wife when she was only 23 years old. I've also seen their wedding in the garden of Coconut Palace with Manila Bay serving as a backdrop. Their Christian wedding was breathtaking and it was serene. When I was watching it, I said to myself that perhaps Cesar will be a one-woman man but old habits die hard I suppose. For 13 years that they've been together, Cesar is always linked to various women and the last rumor with Krista Miller was the final straw for Shine. Sunshine left Cesar last January of this year and she started being active again in showbiz to provide for her children. Recently, Cesar fetch their children from school and promised her estranged wife that they will return them to her. Up to now the children are still with their father and it seems he has no intentions of returning them causing Sunshine to file a case against her husband to fight for the custody of her children and her right as a woman. A case of violence against women and children was filed the other day by Sunshine in Quezon City Prosecutor's office. Yesterday the couple came face to face with each other in court. Shine got her children back but it seems that Cesar won't back down without putting up a fight.

I see love hungry people tryin' their best to survive, 
When in their hands is a dying romance, 
If they're not even tryin' to keep it alive

Sen. Koko Pimentel and Jewel May Lobaton
Photo Credit: 
Honestly I'm not much into politicians private lives thus I am clueless on who Sen. Koko Pimentel wife is until the news came out that they decided to separated last 2011. There are speculations that the reason why the couple split was because Sen. Pimentel is abusing her wife physically to which Jewel denied the rumors. My father have his own hypothesis and that is the senator could be gay and it was discovered by the wife (the plot seems familiar right? My father can be over dramatic sometimes). Recently it was found out the real reason why they called it quits. Former beauty queen Jewel Lobaton (wife of the senator) has accused his estranged husband of psychological and emotional abuse. She is set to file  a case against Pimentel for violating Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act. The senator's only reaction, ""This is a free country. She can file any case in court. But out of respect for my family and our children, I will only answer all accusations once the case is filed in the proper venue," he said. (

So what's the glory in living?
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore?
And if love never lasts forever, tell me what's Forever For?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

CPK's National Pizza Day (Free Pizza Promo)

Today CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) is celebrating it's 2nd National Pizza Day! Apart from that CPK is opening it's 10th store which is located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City.
Photo Credit: California Pizza Kitchen PH Facebook Page
For today's celebration CPK is giving away free pizza from their selection of five new flavors for every order of a regular or thin crust pizza. The free pizza choices are Untraditional Cheese Pizza, Garlic Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Wild Mushroom and Caprese Pizza.

I myself couldn't pass up this chance to grab this offer so I immediately went to Alabang Town Center and head straight to CPK. It's an advantage that I went there as soon as the mall opens as I don't want to wait in vain for my pizza.
CPK in Alabang Town Center
All set for National Pizza Day!
I'm one of the first people to avail their buy one take one promo
CPK in ATC is not crowded when I went in. I love being an early bird!
Patience is a virtue so while I'm patiently waiting for my order, I'm snapping away my digicam
My total bill for the two pizzas! 

Regular Hawaiian Pizza and Garlic Chicken Pizza
Pardon the picture if there's one slice missing as I couldn't resist to taste my favorite pizza flavor.
As for you my Garlic Chicken, you will have your turn when it's dinner time.
Head now to the nearest CPK locations and celebrate the National Pizza Day! The free pizza promo is  valid for dine-in and take-out in all CPK branches nationwide and it's only good for today, August 15, 2013.

California Pizza Kitchen branches are as follows:
Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, TriNoma, Greenhills Promenade, Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Subic Harbor Point Mall, W Global Center Bonifacio Global City and Eastwood Mall.

For latest news and updates, follow CPK Philippines on Facebook and Twitter.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kagilas-gilas Pilipinas

Kudos to the Philippine Team for bagging the silver medal in the recently concluded 27th FIBA Asia Championship!
Gilas Filipinas
(Photo Credit:
Although most of the Filipinos would have wanted for them to win the gold medal, the desire to play a sport that is known for the big and tall guys is enough reason for us to be proud of the team for proving that we can be competitive albeit the lacking of height. All it takes is faith, guts and strong will that we can do it.

I'd be honest that I didn't start watching their FIBA games. I got interested when it's their turn to face the South Korea team and that's the first and last that I was able to watch the Philippine team compete. I know that it's late on my part to appreciate the FIBA games but nonetheless I was mighty proud watching them on our television together with my whole family. Too bad I missed the championship game while I was out with my friends.

Having won the 2nd place in FIBA, they are now qualified to compete in FIBA World Cup in Spain! Woohoo! It's definitely a whole new level of basketball and definitely not to be miss. Pau Gasol was kind and gracious to congratulate the Philippine team and welcome them for next year:

(Photo Credit: )
So excited! Now, we're back in the game!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DFA Office in Alabang is Now Open

Now all Southerners can breathe a huge sigh of relief as we don't need to make an extra effort applying and renewing passports in Pasay City.

Photo Credit:
Now it will only take for us 20-30 minutes ride for us to reach DFA unlike before. I haven't check out the place yet as I won't be needing any renewal for my passport but not on the case of my husband as his passport will expire on February next year. So most likely will be trotting in DFA South office come December or January. I do hope that the process in applying/renewing passports will be smooth sailing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Funny and Sweet

I'm still over the moon for the birthday greetings I received via Facebook and SMS from my family, friends, previous classmates and colleagues. I was overwhelmed and grateful that they remember my special day.

And I still can't get over the messages that my better half sent me. First, he sent it via private message in FB:
Love PM
This really made me smile and laugh
Translation in English: "Happy Birthday! In a few days will be celebrating our 10 years of being together. It's unfair that you don't get (look) old while me can pass up as your father. I wish that you will have white/grey hair so we will be on the same boat hahaha. Take Care always. I love you.

Next he put another message on my FB wall:
love bday
This made me swoon

There are times that my husband will surprise me and I get caught off guard. This is one of those rare moments. To my dear hubby who patiently puts up with all my quirks and outbursts, I love you so dearly and I'm looking forward to celebrate more Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmases with you.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Celebrating Another Year

Thank you Lord for another year and for your continuous blessings!

Mango Bravo Cake by Contis
Thank you for giving me another year to celebrate life with my family.....

Left to Right: My future brother-in-law, my sister who is soon-to-be-bride, me and my brother
Left to Right: Jeri, Me, Nanay (our maternal grandma), Jan and Je
a picture with Nanay and Mama
with my ever dearest husband
with my brother who almost have the same birthday as mine (his August 4 while I'm August 5)
There are a lot of things that I'm grateful and thankful for. It's been a good year and I'm hoping and praying that next year I will be successful in becoming a mommy =)

Thank you as well  to my readers for continuously supporting my blog even if there are some shortcomings on my part for not updating it. Don't worry I'll try harder to share some things with y'all as much as I can.

Happy Monday and look forward to Friday since it's a holiday!