Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Third Cycle to the 5th or is it 6th?

Sorry about the delay of this post as I thought I already made an entry and turn's out that's not the case. I was back in my OB's office in Friendly Care last July 13 and so much has happened that it's not even considered a third cycle anymore. More of like 5th or should I say 6th cycle?

I have to summarize what happened from May to July 13. So here's a flashback:

Month of April - Just like my previous checkups, she asked for the start date of my period and asked if we made a contact the past weekend to which I replied no. My OB answered why not and I told her that hubby's schedule is kind of hectic the past few days/weeks with a project as it's nearing the deadline. She replied to ask hubby if the project his working with is far more important than having a child of his own. As much as I want to agree with my OB (because she has a point), deep down inside me I knew that this job is an answered prayer that me and hubby want to cherish.

Had my Trans-V since my OB wanted to check if there's an egg cell ready and there it is,  round as ever and of course my polyp is still smacked in the middle of my uterus. We were given 4 dates to do our assignment and if it's still not successful then she suggested to have my polyp removed. She explained that majority of her clients who have polyp, conceived successfully after they removed it. She even asked if she prescribed me some medicines for my polyp to which I replied none. Since our first encounter last February up to present, I'm religiously taking Folart (Folic Acid).

I knew that our third cycle will be negative since hubby is always tired from work and we only managed to do one date out of the four dates given to us by the OB. I've come to accept the realization that the only possible way that we will have a success conceiving is to remove my polyp.

We are scheduled to be back in Friendly Care for the next step and that will be removing my polyp on May 7. But before that, Hubby decided to take the long overdue semen analysis. We went to St. Luke's Medical Center Global City and went straight ahead to CARMI (Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility). I created a post with our experience in this facility here. The price for the test maybe steep but it's worth it as you will get the result after 2-3 hours. So armed with the result of the test, I went to Friendly Care   to hear the verdict of my OB. Turns out that my husband's semen test is all okay except for the liquefaction but my OB didn't make a big deal out of it so I assume that it's okay. I even pointed out to her if having 7% morphology of sperm cell is okay out of the XXX million that he has. My OB told me that it's fine since the passing percentage is 4%. She told me that we have to move forward with our TTC so she told me that I have to undergo Hysteroscopy in order to remove the polyp that's been sitting in my uterus for quite sometime now. She told me that most of her patients that had their polyp removed was able to conceive the natural way. The only concern of the matter was I don't have a HMO card. After resigning from my previous job, I have to let go of my health card that comes with my employment. It doesn't help that I am not enlisted as a dependent of my husband's HMO at his work. I asked my OB how much is the procedure for hysteroscopy and she told me that in PGH (Philippine General Hospital) it's around Php 50,000. Wow! I was baffled since PGH is known to be one of the cheaper alternative hospitals in Manila versus the private hospitals.
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I told my OB if it's possible to buy time as I'm planning to apply for an individual HMO. Hands-down to her that she agreed with me and for the time being, we proceed to do the natural follicle monitoring method.

4th month (May) and 5th month (June) gone by and it's still a negative after she gave us the dates to do "our assignment". We also have a fault with the dates she assigned to us because most of the time we were not able to follow those dates. I'm seriously considering the idea of my friends to take a break and have a vacation within the given assigned dates. That won't be much of a problem on my part but with my husband, I'm not so sure if he still have leaves to spare.

Mid-week of June, I applied for an individual account for an HMO card. I paid the annual premium amounting to almost Php 16,000. I just filled out the form, attached photocopies of two valid IDs and the payment.I gave it to an online friend who happens to be an agent of various HMOs. It's actually a bonus on my part that she lives nearby our house thus she dropped by our house to get my form and my supporting documents.

Finally, the good news I've been waiting for arrived and it's right on time. My HMO card arrived last Friday (July 12) and it's activated thus it's good to go to use which I did as I went back to my OB  last July 13 for my ff-up checkup. My OB told me that we need to move forward with our TTC to which I joyfully told her that I got my HMO. Now we're good to go for the next step.

She created a Medical Certificate where she's requesting for the HMO coordinator in Cardinal Santos to approve my Hysteroscopy procedure for Endometrial Polyp. Once I got the LOA from the coordinator, she instructed me to see her again either on the last week of July or first week of August.

I'll be going to Cardinal Santos tomorrow for the approval of my Hysteroscopy and to check as well with my OB's secretary in Cardinal Santos if I will be admitted. Wish me luck.

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