Friday, July 26, 2013


What comes to your mind when you hear these three letters? I'm sure you'll be thinking about a disease(s) being transferred from one person to another through *ex but I'm actually thinking of another STD that surprisingly not many is aware of.

According to Wikipedia STD or Save the Date- "is a notice stating the date of a significant event such as a wedding. It is typically sent to those likely to be interested or affected by the event and states the planned date of the occasion so that recipients who wish to attend know to keep that date free.

For weddings, save the dates usually take the form of a card. They are generally sent out at least six to twelve months before the wedding date, and are usually followed by a formal wedding invitation. While save the date started as a wedding-related custom, it is now used by individuals, businesses, and organizations to announce the date of any formal event."

In a traditional Filipino wedding STDs are not practiced but over the years as technologies evolved so are the ways on how to send across the message to your friends or loved ones about special events in your life like weddings. STDs are widely used in weddings compared to other events/ celebrations in a person's life. I've never encountered a person getting a STD card for a birthday since normally it's an invitation you will get.

I remember my own Save the Date which I personally designed and turned it into ref magnet but sadly I don't have that magnet of my own to remember me by. I'm pretty sure that I saved one for self-keeping but I have misplaced it. But, I can still create one since I found this in my yahoo email:
A copy of my Save the Date which I designed/created using GIMP
When I created my Save the Date ref magnets I remembered going to a photo printing shop and have this printed in photo paper for 30-50 pieces then afterwards I cut each one of them and taped them securely in a magnet sheet. Using a cutter, I diligently cut out the ref magnets and voila! Instant Save the Date to be given away to our friends and family back then. It was one proud moment of mine to have my first DIY (do-it-yourself) for our wedding. Thanks to Mandy for sharing this knowledge while we are both W@Wies back then.

Two days ago my sister asked me if I can create a Save the Date for their upcoming wedding. Compared to my STD, she wanted me to use two of their prenup photos last March and just put their names and wordings on the photo. I thought it will be a breeze but I was challenged by her OC-iness. After how may drafts, I was able to come up with these three:

STD #2
Save the Date #1
STD #1
Save the Date #2
STD #1
Save the Date #3
She wanted the STD #1 to be given out to friends but she finds the words congested on the available space on the right so she opted for  STD #3 which surprise me as she specifically wanted for all the letters to be colored white. On the other hand, I'm relieved that she was able to choose! Sigh of relief!

Photo Credit: Daniel Lei Studio

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