Monday, July 15, 2013

Ikea heading to Philippines | IR News | Inside Retail Asia

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Finally! It's about time that Ikea will have their own store here in Manila. I remember reading and hearing stories about Filipinos asking their friends and relatives to buy some home items from Ikea. I even had my own experience of visiting Ikea in Shanghai with my sister and we bought mostly kitchen items for our home the my sister send it to Manila through Balikbayan box.

Some people resort to buying in Groupon deals for Ikea items which I haven't tried. I'm doubting if there are authentic or not since I heard many horror stories about Groupon deals before though there are some that I trusted.

So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I learned that Ikea heading to Philippines | IR News | Inside Retail Asia news broke out! It's been awhile since there's a buzz going around about Ikea opening in the Philippines. I sure hope that the partnership of Blims Furniture with Ikea will push through and I fervently wish that the location will be strategic and accessible for commuters like me.

Are you excited just like me? I bet you are!

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