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Four Sisters and a Wedding

This post is sort of a movie review mash up with personal family stories in between...

Last July 7, I forgot to bring a tissue when I watch this movie together with my fellow N@Wies thus I end up getting my face dirty and I have to resolve in using my hands to wipe the tears then wipe my hands in my pants. Good thing that movie houses/cinemas are dark and that hubby is not with me.I know it's one of those eeew moments.

Four sisters and a wedding is a hit among us probably because it shows the relationship between each Filipino family member and how we are as a family. It hit the mark big time! We have a close knit relationship to the point that we tend to look out for each other thus we end up meddling each other's personal lives.

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Most of the time, the pressure is on the eldest. High expectations are set by the parents thus failure is not an option. This is portrayed by Toni Gonzaga and just like her character I feel the pressure of my parents to work hard even to the extent that they want me to work abroad so I can help in providing for our family. If I didn't marry at age 27 I'll probably working in Singapore or Dubai or Kuala Lumpur and probably I won't have the desire to marry =P

Second to the eldest normally comes in second and felt that they are not that important versus the eldest thus they are the ones who are tough, strong-willed, who speak out their minds and who unintentionally become tactless. This is Bea Alonzo's character which is not far from my sister's personality. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister. She's very generous and she have traits that are quite opposite from mine. If I'm lacking in the "strong attitude" area, that's where she fits in. And she's the one who made my parent's dream in owning a house turned into a realty with me on a supporting role. Wouldn't trade her for any sisters in the world!

I don't know if it's only in Filipino family but the third of middle child is tagged as the black sheep. Either the eldest is being favored or the youngest by each parent thus the middle felt neglected or that everything he/she does have a negative connotation. This is portrayed by Angel Locsin who is an independent and free-spirited individual. On our family's case, my brother happens to be an easy-go-lucky guy who doesn't care much about what's happening in our home. He is like a boarder who goes in and out of the house as he pleased =P
But there are instances where his thoughtfulness and sweetness kicks in and that was when our youngest was hit by dengue fever in 2009 (or 2010) and he have to gave her a piggy back ride going out of the house to the main road so they can see a doctor as my youngest sister is too weak to stand much more to walk on her own.

The fourth child are the ones that are shy or quiet. In the movie it's portrayed by Shaina Magdayao who dotingly looks after her mother since her eldest sisters are not living with them. She's the quiet type who doesn't take sides when there's an issue brewing among her siblings. In our family, our fourth is a male and he happens to be in college. He is the most quiet among us and prefers to be left alone in his room. Doesn't want his stuff to be touched by anyone except if you ask permission from him first. He kept most of his thoughts to himself and he is very considerate when it comes to money matters.

The youngest on the movie happens to be the only male in Salazar household. Enchong Dee was an answered prayer uttered by his sisters when they were kids. He is the affectionate, typical boy-next-door type and who decided to get married ahead. Our youngest is definitely far from marrying since she's in high school at the moment but she's the most "malambing" even to the point that it's becoming so cheesy. She's not shy to hug or kiss my parents even if my other siblings are there to witness it. She's also the "spoiled brat" in our family because my parents especially my mother dote on her too much probably because of her being malambing.

What's my take on this movie? It definitely hit the spot to reach out to the Filipino families. I'm sure everyone can relate to the Salazar family where every member have issues, different personalities, pent up emotions towards one another, got sidetracked by work, career, lovelife, material things, etc that make us grew apart. Each actors and actresses portrayed their characters very well. Though this is a family-oriented film,  it has  comedy and love story. But wait, the word action is missing. Hmmm, let's say there's a tiny bit of action during a confrontational scene of Angel Locsin with a girl that is flirting with her bf. I read somewhere that Toni admitted and even asked their director on not having to take too much drama scene as she is more comfortable punching comedy lines. I'd say she's right about that. She portrays the eldest among the siblings and yet she is the funniest among the sisters. Carmi Martin was so amazing in her portrayal as a mother of Enchong Dee's bride to the point that even Coney Reyes was all praises on her.

What I always like in Star Cinema is they make films that is worthwhile to watch and that there are values to be learned. It's like having a self-check or an awakening which made you realize the importance of living is not only for one's self. The bottomline of the movie is family is family or blood is thicker than water as they say so don't let petty issues tear your family apart. After all, they are the ones who will stick by your side through ups and downs. Every problems can be worked out through communication and I'm saying it should be a proper communication and not a screaming competition. If there's any misunderstanding between a family, it is best to say it outright and also learn to be humble and apologize for your mistakes. I know that it takes seconds to say harsh things but why is it so hard for some to apologize granting that all of us have education and that right conduct is taught in school.

More importantly, let's not left out the word RESPECT. I know there's a saying that respect is earned and not given but this quote only applies to people who are your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. This simple word should be present first hand to our very own home and practiced within the family. Let me end this blog post with this quote that I chance upon in Google...

"No family is perfect...We argue, We fight. We even stop talking to each other at times. but in the end. Family is Family...The love will always be there."                                                                        

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