Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunny June

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts given that it's the first week of June. I'm racking my brain of things to blog and then an inspiration hit me! Most of us know this phrase or adjective which is "June Bride". Well this only applies in the US where June is spring time (or is it summer?) whereas here in the Philippines, June is the start of rainy season so having a wedding in June is not such an appealing idea. But we do have a counterpart for the June Brides and we call them the "December Brides" since it's a festive month where families from around the world troth back to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas thus December has been famous for loads of wedding.

With that intro, you'll probably have an idea where I'm going at. For most part of my blog entries for this month will be involved more on weddings! I've been to five food tastings since last year from different caterers to help my sister decide which food she have to select on her wedding day so I'm going to share about my experiences with those caterers. It's long overdue and  my sister keeps on reminding me to create a blog entry about the food tastings. Moreover, I'm itching to be crafty and practical so I'm thinking of throwing a few ideas for DIY which I found on the internet and Pinterest. I'm thinking of using them for my sister's wedding preps and bridal shower.

So as of my writing, the king sun is glowing furiously on my window. Let's keep our fingers cross that it stayed that way for another week or two. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. I'll try to be diligent just like last month.

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