Friday, May 10, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been hectic the past few days in our home since the puppy's arrival. Will tell you more about him on a separate post but my friends in Facebook have already seen his pictures. I know it's not Thursday but when I was creating this post last night, my internet is acting up on me thus I have to wait for today to post this.

For now, let me share one of my very kept photos. It was revealed for public viewing during our reception on our wedding day. It was part of the Photo AVP arranged by Richel Mascarinas who happens to be a well-known photographer.
St. Mary's Academy Grad Pic
Yearbook Graduation Pic (1993)
How's that for a throwback?! This pic was taken 20 years ago (imagine that) in my elementary school, St.Mary's Academy in Pasay City. We were asked to wear our gala uniform which we normally wore during first Friday or any Catholic feast day celebrated by the school. The gala uniform is color white with matching white belt. It has little lace trimmings adorning the front of the uniform and the sleeves. To finish off the uniform we wore a blue ribbon. I feel like an angel when I'm wearing this uniform. This is the same uniform we wore during our graduation rites held at Sta. Clara Parish Church which is right across from St. Mary's.

Graduation Rites in Sta. Clara Parish Church
Graduation Rites at Sta. Clara Parish Church. I'm wearing the gala uniform of SMA.
I've never set foot again to SMA. It's been a long time and I miss it. I miss the grade school library (which is huge!), the canteens (yes, they have two or three canteens inside the campus), the spacious quadrangle, the auditorium, the rooftop gym, the chapel where I had my first communion, my old classmates and batch mates. Ohh memories....

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