Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stuck on You

Sometimes it's a hassle if you have a sibling who is a year or two years younger or older than you. More often than not, one of you will end up wearing the hand me down clothes. I'm lucky that I'm the eldest so my sister who is two years younger than me ends up inheriting my school uniforms. I know that it's a good thing as a way to save money but it can be confusing on us students that we end up mixing our uniforms.  Also, I remember where my mother will bought us the same exact bundle of undergarments or socks during our grade school that me and my sister ended up writing our names in the label of those undies or stitching up a mark on our socks so we would know which are the ones for me and the ones for her. Well kids nowadays don't have to endure the confusions that me and my sister experienced long ago.

I was looking for a perfect gift for a godson as he will be starting to go to school this coming June when I had a eureka moment. If there are personalized bag tags, towels, mugs, caps, handkerchief, socks, hand fans, etc. then why not a clothing label? Imagine if you're a parent of twins or triplets, it will be quite confusing to mix up their clothes so why not put clothing labels iron on? They will bond permanently that's why it's washing machine and dryer safe. That's your guarantee that the clothing labels will stay stuck or should I say it will surely stuck on your fabric. The fun part in creating the clothing labels you can put icons right after each name as they have a wide selection to choose from. In addition, you can select the fonts and colors you want to use for the labels. Don't believe me, here's a proof:

Personalized Labels on different fonts, icons and colors.

By far, this is the cutest kids clothing labels I've seen and I've made up my mind to give this as a gift to him.

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