Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lutong Macau in Makati

Last April 15, I decided to treat some of my close friends at the office in Lutong Macau located in Jupiter Street which is a walking distance from our office. It was my last day at work thus the celebration.
(L-R) Maco, Carlo, Me and Carol
(L-R) Paul, Maco, Carlo, Me, Carol and Roel
I love their food! The servings of the food are good for 3-4 persons plus they serve bottomless tea. I'm not really a tea drinker so I don't know how will I rate their tea.

Lutong Macau Menu 1
Updated Menu  1 (click to view large)
Lutong Macau Menu 2
Updated Menu 2 (click to view large)
Photos above are the updated menu and pricelist of Lutong Macau. When I checked their website, the prices posted there are less than Php 20 from the current menu. All prices are VAT INCLUSIVE and NO SERVICE CHARGE.

Now on to the food that we ordered:
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 220)
A Filipino meal is not a meal without rice. It's a staple to every Filipino to eat rice even if it's once a day. I'm a self-confessed rice lover. Ask my friends and they will tell you that I have this romantic relationship with rice. But right now I decided to only have one rice meal per day as I'm trying to loose some pounds.

This Yang Chow Fried Rice alone can be a meal for me. As you can see there are bits and pieces of eggs, veggies and meat present on the rice. Having a viand is a bonus for me.

Steamed Shrimp "Hakaw" Dumpling
Steamed Shrimp "Hakaw" Dumpling (Php 112)
A full shrimp dimsum treat! Maco ordered this simply because you'll get to eat a full shrimp dumpling with no flour/cornstarch inside. You'll get your money's worth.

Hot Prawn Salad
Hot Prawn Salad (Php 380)
This dish became my instant favorite when I first tried it. It has the sweetness of pineapple blended with mayonnaise that complimented the fried prawns. So delish!

BBQ Asado with Soy Chicken Platter
BBQ Asado with Soy Chicken Platter (Php 360)
Carlo ordered this dish and I must admit I wasn't able to try the different cooked chicken on this platter as I'm so engrossed eating the Hot Prawn Salad and Lechon Macau. Plus I'm stuffing my tummy with the Yang Chow rice. But just by looking at the dish, it's definitely a healthy platter perfect for those who wants to lose weight or those whose staying away to eat red meat.

Lechon Macau
Lechon Macau (Php 320)
This is way better than the Lechon Kawali that I always wanted to eat when I was a child. Crispy pork skin on top of the soft and juicy pork meat. Arggh! You'll definitely need to eat a lot of green tea after wolfing this whole plate. It's a sinful treat so better to eat it in moderation or if you can't help it, might as well detoxify the next day or do a cleansing diet.

Our bill totaled to Php 1500+  which is cheap considering we are a group of six. Not bad at all.

Oh before I forget, Lutong Macau have Lauriat Menus that may suit your needs:

Group Package
Lauriat Menus A, B, E and F
Group Package
Lauriat Menus C, D, G and H
* Prices are VAT inclusive, net of senior citizens and privilege discounts. Additional of Php 800.00 per set menu for bottomless drinks. Available for TAKE OUT or DELIVERY. FREE BIRTHDAY NOODLES or YANG CHOW FRIED RICE per set menu ordered. Inclusive of two (2) kinds of desserts per set menu. Inquire with store personnel. This apply for the Lauriat Menus.

Lutong Macau
116 Jupiter St. Bel-Air Village,
Makati City
Tel. Nos. 896-7777/ 895-3333
Mobile No. 0922-8362228

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