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Flat Shoes is Suelas

One boring night in March, I decided to browse the FB groups I belong to. A few members mentioned a  shoe brand named Suelas (in Spanish it means sole). They vouched that it's the most comfy flat shoes they ever had. I'm a curious individual thus I went to check out the shoes they've been raving about.

Oohh, all of the shoes are pretty but I found the price a little steep for a flat shoes. You really have to pay the price for comfort and quality.

As I browse through the different shoes they have, I come across with one particular style that was on sale that time....
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I fell in love with the colors minus the pink that is. I impulsively placed an order for these shoes and not just one pair but three pairs! I know your thinking that I'm nuts but hey where can you get a comfy flat shoes with that price eh?

I chose their Makati branch located in Jupiter St. to pick up my lovely shoes since it's a walking distance from my office back then.
My Suelas Loot
My Suelas Loot
Now, on the fun part...let's start unpacking the shoes! Warning: Photo overload of Manejo Lace Shoes ahead....
The storage of the shoes reminds me of a stingray
This packaging reminds me of  a Sting Ray =P
Manejo Lace Blue
Manejo Lace Baby Blue
Closer Look
Closer look on the baby blue lace
Manejo Lace Blue on me
Manejo Lace Baby Blue when worn...
This is the shoe that I'm using now at the moment. I forgot to heed the warning on Suelas website about spraying the shoes with ScotchGard Fabric Protector (it's available in Ace Hardware) and now there are a few dirt on the sides of the shoe. I'm planning to use a Perla soap to clean it this weekend...

Manejo Lace Yellow
Manejo Lace Pale Yellow
Closer look on Manejo Lace Yellow
Closer look on  the colored paled yellow lace
Manejo Lace Yellow on me
Manejo Lace Pale Yellow when worn...sorry if the picture is kind of blurry
Manejo Lace Cream
Manejo Lace Cream

Closer Look on Manejo Lace Cream
Close look on colored cream lace
Manejo Lace Cream on me
Manejo Lace Cream when worn...
I noticed after uploading all the photos that the laces used in each shoes are different. I know the color is different but I'm referring to the pattern of the laces and all I though that they are the same patterns with different colors.
Before I forget Maricris, the lady who assisted me in Suelas shop in Jupiter St. gave me Suelas Passport...

Suelas Loyalty Passport
Almost the same as the passport you really use for out of the country trips
The passport is used to collect stamps from Suelas every time you will purchase a pair of their shoes. Just like in food stores or coffee shops, each number of stamps corresponds to a free gift/treat.
Instructions about Suelas Loyalty Passport
Inside the Passport
I have three stamps at present and I got my free gift which is a luggage tag. 
My gift for completing 3 stamps
Luggage Tag = 3 stamps
For every stamp collected has a designated treat :)
More stamps means more gifts and perks!
For those who love shoes, I'm happy to announce that aside from Manejo Lace style from Suelas, they have other designs of flat shoes currently on sale! That's right, I checked their online site and 12 designs/styles that are on discounted price. Now you don't have to worry collecting those stamps for your Suelas passport. Go to this link to view the sale items.

Me on the other hand since I'm only staying at home, I'm refraining my urge to buy another pair. After all, I still need to use the other two Manejo Lace pairs I've purchased. Although I was thinking of giving the pale yellow shoes to my sister as a birthday present for her as she will be a married woman after that birthday. Or I was thinking of purchasing another pair for her which is the Cinta Brillo. It's an open toe flat shoes with glitters. This will be a perfect shoes for her bridal shower or for her wedding preparations at the hotel. Don't you agree?

My verdict on Manejo Lace Shoes: Overall it's indeed comfy except I got blisters on these areas (see X marks below) thus I have to put band-aids before wearing them.
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I have a sensitive feet (the skin in mys feet is thin) that I'm having hard time wearing shoes made of synthetic leather or any hard material as I will easily get hurt or got blisters thus I'm on the lookout for a nice comfortable shoes made of soft materials like cloth.

So far this is my review for the Baby Blue pair that I'm frequently using whenever I'm out and about. I haven't tried the other pairs of Manejo Lace that I have. I am wishfully hoping/thinking that I will have a different experience with those two =P

Head Office
Unit 204, 2/F Dona Consolacion Bldg.
122 Jupiter Street, Makati City
Opens: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7pm 
*Unit is right beside Vintage Restore
*Building has RCBC branch on the ground floor.
Suelas Official Facebook Page 

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