Sunday, April 28, 2013

Testing my Patience

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm lucky that I was able to make one despite of this....

I'm not satisfied with the figures I'm seeing now. I should have posted the result of Speedtest last April 26 which is far worst. Download speed is 0.12mbps and upload speed is 0.10 mbps. I've made two calls (April 26 and 27) to Smart tech support for this issue and I'm not sure if they are REALLY fixing the problem. Or if my concern for the past two days were ESCALATED. No comforting words or signs of empathy can appease me if by tomorrow and my internet connection is still like this. No way! My income relies on the stability of my internet connection so they should do something about this.

I'm getting tired of using wireless internet connection. I wish PLDT will have their installed cables here in our area activated so we can get a decent and reliable internet service.

I'm hating you SMART BRO WIRELESS!

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