Monday, April 15, 2013

Second Cycle

Update on our TTC (Trying to Conceive) journey. If you miss the first cycle story, click here.

March 16 was the date set by Dra. Angela Aguilar for me to see her. She's the OB in which we entrusted our TTC process. The first cycle was not successful as I got my monthly period last March 9 so I have to see her again for the second cycle. I'm still taking Folart (Folic Acid) everyday as her prescription and apart from that she didn't give me any medicine to take. I just took the liberty to take Vitamin E and I ask my husband to take Rogin E in hopes for healthier cells.

This time around hubby accompanied me to see the OB. Finally, I have someone with me as most of the doctor's patients are in pairs or couples while me on the other hand is always on a solo flight. Again the queue is long but we were patient to wait for our turn. Once inside her office, she asked me to lie on the bed so she can have a Trans-V ultrasound. I was wondering why she did that since the only thing we will find their will be the polyp. To our surprised near on my left ovary, sat an egg cell. Wow! How can it be so fast? Even my OB never expected an egg cell after all it was the 8th day since my menstruation. The size of the egg cell is 2.1 cm.

She was telling me about ovulation and that I'm currently ovulating despite the fact that it's so soon and to prove her point, she asked her assistant named Myra to give me an Ovulation Test kit.
The Ovulation Test Kit that I used
Myra gave me a container which I have to pee and she will show me how the kit works. So I follow her instruction and gave her my urine sample. She puts 3 drops of urine into the kit and we waited. Honestly I have no idea what exactly are we looking for but as seconds gone by, a red line is slowly forming and then eventually another one appears.After three minutes, two visible red lines formed in the kit which means I'm indeed ovulating.
How to Read the Results
After confirming my current state, my OB gave me four dates for our assignment. If by April 6th and I don't have my monthly period then I need to take a Pregnancy Test. Out of the four dates, we only accomplished three as my husband is asking for a break since he felt drained and tired for the two consecutive dates we do the deed.

I thought we were successful in this cycle since I'm always hungry like never before and there's a day where I felt an unusual cramp on my abdomen. Unfortunately, I got my period last April 4th which lasted for 4-5 days. Hubby insisted of not seeing the OB for the time being since he haven't taken the test yet and he wants to take the test first before meeting the OB again. I told him that it's already the last cycle so might as well finish it. I coaxed my husband that I can discuss his dilemma to the OB when I set an appointment with her.  And just like before, I sent a SMS to my OB to schedule an appointment. We will be seeing each other on Tuesday, April 16th for my Third Cycle. The only difference now with my checkup is that I'll be covering the cost of the consultation and my Trans-V as I will be surrendering my HMO card today after tendering my resignation. Wish me luck on my upcoming appointment and hopefully there's a chance for us to be successful to conceive naturally.

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