Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Family Member

Hiyee everyone! Miss me? I'm still alive and kicking and this blog is still rolling. I just got busy for the past week that I wasn't able to update this blog as much as I want to. If you only knew how many drafts I have that are waiting to be finish! Tsk!

Anyway to brighten up your weekend, I want you all to meet the newest member of our family. Nope, I'm not yet pregnant and I will create a post about my 2nd cycle. Without further ado....

Meet Scoop! He is 1 month old in this photo
Here he is 1 month old and 1 week
Barely 2 months and he is playful
Look at those puppy melts my heart...
Heartthrob in the making?  Can't wait to see you real soon :)

My sister decided to bought a purebred golden retriever so that our pet Poochie can have a playmate. Furthermore, I think it will give Poochie a boost on her self-esteem when interacting with other dogs since she is used to being around with people. Plus she won't be lonely anymore in case me and my husband are not around. She's too attached to us that if we're missing in the house, she tends to sulk.

By the end of this month or first week of May, Scoop will be joining our family. At that time he is already 2 months old and I'm sure he will be bigger than the normal pups that we're accustomed with so it will be an adjustment for us. We're still deciding if we will retain the name Scoop or give him a different name. For me, Scoop is already cute and it's only one syllable thus pronouncing it is easy.

If you're wondering where we bought Scoop, check Famosi Cani Kennel FB page. This is where Toni Gonzaga bought a Golden Retriever puppy as a gift for Pokwang. Scoop is part of Butter's third littler (Butter is the female Golden Retriever) while the puppy that Toni Gonzaga bought which they named Cheesewhiz is from the first litter.Just check out their FB page and you will see the proof.

Photo Credits: Snagged from Famosi Cani Kennel FB

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