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Lasema Spa and Sauna

Last month I was in dire need of massage. From all the stress that accumulated in my body for the past year and the cold spots in my back, I think I deserve a nice relaxing massage. Sauna and spa is not such a bad idea especially if you have this deal in front of you :

Who couldn't resist this deal by Ensogo?
The detailed inclusion of the Ensogo deal was:

* Treat yourself with a relaxing Jjimjil Bang offer with massage for 1 at Lasema Spa and Sauna.
* Feel how it’s like to be one of your K-pop idols as Jjimjil Bang is the Korean style sauna and spa.
* Jjimjil Bang is already complete with health facilities including 4 kinds of sauna, 3 kinds of Jacuzzi, an igloo ice room, and 12 cave rooms for sleeping and resting.

12 Cave Rooms for sleeping and resting
Choose the perfect sauna for you:
Dry Saunas which I so love!

Chungito - Helps in balancing the energy in the human body as it contains minerals which releases negative ions and helps transfer energy to body.
Salt charcoal - Relaxes and detoxifies while stimulating metabolism as it contains carbon minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.
Oak and Clay - Intensifies the body's natural healing process and best for women who have recently given birth. Also perfect for those who have atopic dematitis and other skin problems as well as those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma.

The Sauna  is located in the wet area of Lasema Spa so you can easily proceed to this area after bath time while the Jjimjil Bang is located in the dry area of the spa.
For your massage choose from Shiatsu, Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue, Lomilomi (Hawaiian Massage), and Lymphatic (1 hour).
Voucher holders may stay up to 12 hours with complimentary drinks.
Duration: 60 minutes for massage.

Since it's my first time together with my friend, we are clueless on what to do. The staff on the spa are so kind and accommodating to assist us. Upon giving our vouchers on the registration desk we are given 2 set of clothing. The pink blouse and pink short is used for the dry sauna while the maroon robe with short is used for the massage. 

We were given keys to our locker. Male locker rooms and sauna are separated from girls. You have to remove your shoes and socks. Everybody should be barefoot inside the sauna.
Locker Room
Me and my friend put our stuff together and hurriedly went to the shower rooms in the wet area. We changed to our swim wear before we dip into the Jacuzzi  As we emerge from the shower rooms and back to our lockers to put our clothes, one of the staff approached us and asked if that's what we're wearing in the wet area which we replied yes. She told us that no clothing is allowed and the only way to used the wet sauna is to be naked. Uh-oh! She explained that Koreans are complaining if locals are wearing any clothing and then soaking into the Jacuzzi  My friend and I have to contemplate this piece of info for like 5 minutes before deciding to go ahead and stripped our clothes off. So that's why when we entered the wet area, I saw two Korean women walking casually naked like it's the most natural thing to do in the world (this makes me think of Adam & Eve). So we went back to the shower room this time naked and did a quick shower before dipping into the Jacuzzi. There's actually Three Jacuzzi which are - Green Tea with a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, Ginseng with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and plain water with 24 degrees Celsius. My friend and I lounged in Ginseng Jacuzzi as the temperature is tolerable versus the Green Tea. After soaking for 10 minutes we decided to try the wet sauna which has a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius! It was so hot that you need to get out of the wet sauna every minute or two. Other way to ease down the temperature is to wet your towel and place it in you head. That's what my friend did  so she didn't experience the dizziness like I did. Serves me right for thinking that I can endure the temperature. My bad in comparing it with the sauna in Fitness First MOA. After 5 minutes and I can't bear the temperature I asked my friend to dip into the cold water to ease down my dizziness. It was scary and I promised not to do it again. I thought that I'll end up blacking out after soaking myself to the cold water. After 5 minutes, we decided to take a shower and try out the Dry Saunas which is recommended and raved by the other female clients we come across in the Jacuzzi.

We wore the pink T-shirt and short and head off to the Dry Saunas which reminds me of an Igloo. We tried the Salt Charcoal and true to its name you will see a lot of salt and charcoal inside the sauna. You can actually stay there for 10-15 minutes without worrying of having a dizzy spells. As a matter of fact, there's a Korean inside the sauna when we went in reading a book. Not sure how long she's been there but from the looks of it, it seems she's a regular customer of Lasema. After lounging in the Salt Charcoal Sauna, we tried the Oak and Clay since my friend gave birth a few months back and she wanted to try this sauna. Just like the other sauna, oak and clay are visible inside the room. They didn't scrimp on the materials which is probably the reason why their spa service is a little pricey versus the other spas but then again, this spa is one of its kind.

After staying inside the Oak and Clay room for five minutes, we head off to the massage registration counter. It is right next to the food kiosk just outside the Dry Saunas. We didn't know that we can register ahead of time so we end up waiting for another hour for our turn. While killing time, we decided to check the Ice Room. Temperature is -10 degrees Celsius. Inside, it's like a freezer with ice formation on the walls. On the center, they provided some sitting stool should you decide to stay there longer. I'm not a fan of cold temperature so I just stayed there for a few seconds and immediately got out. My friend on the other hand enjoys the coldness of the room so I waited for her to come out. As soon as she's out with her rosy cheeks, we tried their food kiosk and as expected, the price of the noodles and the canned fruit drinks are 20-40% higher versus the price outside. The only consolation you will get is the free serving of kimchi. After eating our noodles, we head back to the locker area to change to massage robe and check our mobile phones.
Massage Robe
At exactly 10pm, we head back to the massage registration counter and were asked for our preference of oil and massage. If my memory serves me right, I opted for lavender oil and Shiatsu massage. We were led to a room with six or seven massage beds. A Korean lady was having her massage naked when we came in. The room is dim as to not disturb the other customers. We were asked to remove the robe but not the shorts. By far, this was the best massage I ever had! Much better than the massage from Shui Hilot Spa that I had 3 years ago. The massage was very relaxing and I don't need to worry about me experiencing pain while having a massage. Yes, I had enough of massages where I end up feeling pain instead of comfort. You're probably wondering if it's a full body massage and my answer is YES. No skin in your body will be left untouched during this session. I actually doze off for 5 minutes and woke up just in time that my masseuse is done.

Just blogging about it brings back those 60 minutes that I feel so stress free and alive. It definitely recharges my body and mind because after that, I'm so perky that I'm not sleepy as before.

Upon checkout, we return the locker keys and we paid the bill for our food. As they always say, some good things meant to last but that doesn't mean you can't repeat it. I will definitely go back to this place but I think I'll skip the Wet Area and just go straight ahead to the Dry Saunas and Massage.

P.S. Sorry if I don't have much photos to share since there are customers walking around naked and as a courtesy I didn't have the guts to flaunt my camera and take pictures of the wet area though I should've taken pictures of the Dry Saunas and the Sleeping Caves. You can actually lounge in these areas for as long as you want since the packages they're offering is good for 12 hours. Some Koreans are actually taking a nap or you can watch television. For the actual pictures you can check out this blog - The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories.

Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna
Lasema Plaza 
#7232 Malugay Street, 
Makati City 
(02) 830-2222

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