Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CARMI - Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility

Wow! It's the last day of April already and tomorrow will be May which means exactly a week from now I will have a consultation with my OB again.

Yesterday Hubby had the time to do the test before my next checkup. It was a relief on my part because this test is long overdue. Amidst the hot temperature, we brave ourselves to travel from Cavite to The Fort. It's a relief that there are shuttle/vans near our residence that travels along SLEX then C-5 then Ortigas. Those shuttle will drop you off to Market Market. After the drop off, we walk our way to St. Luke's Medical Center Global City. Looking back, we should've taken a cab from the mall going to the hospital.

You're probably wondering why we have to go to St. Luke's when there are other hospitals within Cavite/ Alabang/Las Pinas. Well, my OB highly recommends to do the test in CARMI (Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility) as she is after the results that are more accurate and detailed.

Anyways, upon entering the Medical Arts Building in SLGMC we went straight to CARMI . It's located near the Pharmacy which is after the elevator lobby on the ground floor.
lobby going to CARMI
Once you see the Pharmacy, turn left and you will see this hall going to CARMI
CARMI Center
I'm sure you're wondering what is CARMI, here's the description about them that I got from their website:

CARMI (Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility) offers fully integrated, comprehensive fertility services. CARMI has opened its doors as the newest fertility center in the country, but promises to exceed all expectations because of its:
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic, medical, and surgical equipment many of which are not available in the other local fertility centers;
  • Progressive team of medical experts among whom have the highest documented pregnancy rates per transfer locally which are at par with those abroad;
  • Being the only hospital-based ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) facility in the country, assuring maximum patient safety and convenience with easy access to other clinical specialties on demand;
  • Compassionate, fully Filipino clinical, scientific, and support staff who provide personalized, individualized care;
  • Affordable rates which are the lowest in the country, significantly lower than those in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the US; and very comparable with the rates in Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
CARMI has physicians board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) or in the related specialties related to infertility treatment. In addition to years of clinical experience in helping thousands of patients to conceive, many of our physicians are faculty members at some of the country’s leading medical schools. Our REI specialists are supported by experts from the related specialties (urology, genetics, immunology, acupuncture, psychology) who provide the required services on demand. Our staff members have committed to help each patient and have pledged to work diligently towards achieving every patient’s dream of having a baby.

My OB which is Dra. Angela Aguilar is one of the physicians that specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.
reception area
Reception Area
Upon entering CARMI, on your left is the reception area where you need to sign a form with your personal details. Before hubby signed a form, we presented first the prescription of my OB for the test/analysis. After signing up the form, you will pay for the test. Semen Analysis test costs Php 1,234.80. We were surprise of the figure but it's worth it since you will get the result after 2-3 hours. At least our time will not be wasted.
Office Hours and Physician's Schedules
This is the tricky part should you decide to visit their office since they are only open Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm but you need to be there before 2pm since they have a cut-off. This is the very reason why it took awhile for me and hubby to do the test because of their schedule. Coincidentally, the past few months were hectic with my husband's work making it difficult for him to take a leave until yesterday.
Waiting Area
Waiting Area
The waiting area is very comfortable. There are two couches with a center table that holds various magazines  and newspaper which you can read while waiting. Plus, they do have a cabled LCD TV to entertain patients and visitors. There's also a water dispenser for your bottomless supply of H2O.
The Intimate Room
Intimate Room
If Christian Grey has Pain Room, CARMI has the Intimate Room! Well, I just created the name for that room but the right door on the photo above with a hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall is where they will get the semen sample. As my husband described it, the couches inside are colored red and there's a television which they will play a movie to help you get the sample. I don't need to elaborate since this is a wholesome blog but I'm pretty sure you get the picture.

There you go, a sneak peek of St. Luke's Medical Center's CARMI. I was hesitant at first if I have to blog about this but then again, I'm sharing a useful info for those couples who are having a hard time conceiving like us. Before, we don't have this kind of facility in the Philippines but now that it is here, we might as well share it and spread the word.

Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CARMI)
St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City
Ground Floor, Medical Arts Building
St. Luke's Medical Center-Global City
32nd St. Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila 1112 Philippines
Telephone No. (632) 789-7700 ext. 2111
E-mail Address: inquiries@stlukescarmi.com

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Testing my Patience

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm lucky that I was able to make one despite of this....

I'm not satisfied with the figures I'm seeing now. I should have posted the result of Speedtest last April 26 which is far worst. Download speed is 0.12mbps and upload speed is 0.10 mbps. I've made two calls (April 26 and 27) to Smart tech support for this issue and I'm not sure if they are REALLY fixing the problem. Or if my concern for the past two days were ESCALATED. No comforting words or signs of empathy can appease me if by tomorrow and my internet connection is still like this. No way! My income relies on the stability of my internet connection so they should do something about this.

I'm getting tired of using wireless internet connection. I wish PLDT will have their installed cables here in our area activated so we can get a decent and reliable internet service.

I'm hating you SMART BRO WIRELESS!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lasema Spa and Sauna

Last month I was in dire need of massage. From all the stress that accumulated in my body for the past year and the cold spots in my back, I think I deserve a nice relaxing massage. Sauna and spa is not such a bad idea especially if you have this deal in front of you :

Who couldn't resist this deal by Ensogo?
The detailed inclusion of the Ensogo deal was:

* Treat yourself with a relaxing Jjimjil Bang offer with massage for 1 at Lasema Spa and Sauna.
* Feel how it’s like to be one of your K-pop idols as Jjimjil Bang is the Korean style sauna and spa.
* Jjimjil Bang is already complete with health facilities including 4 kinds of sauna, 3 kinds of Jacuzzi, an igloo ice room, and 12 cave rooms for sleeping and resting.

12 Cave Rooms for sleeping and resting
Choose the perfect sauna for you:
Dry Saunas which I so love!

Chungito - Helps in balancing the energy in the human body as it contains minerals which releases negative ions and helps transfer energy to body.
Salt charcoal - Relaxes and detoxifies while stimulating metabolism as it contains carbon minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.
Oak and Clay - Intensifies the body's natural healing process and best for women who have recently given birth. Also perfect for those who have atopic dematitis and other skin problems as well as those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma.

The Sauna  is located in the wet area of Lasema Spa so you can easily proceed to this area after bath time while the Jjimjil Bang is located in the dry area of the spa.
For your massage choose from Shiatsu, Swedish, Combination, Deep Tissue, Lomilomi (Hawaiian Massage), and Lymphatic (1 hour).
Voucher holders may stay up to 12 hours with complimentary drinks.
Duration: 60 minutes for massage.

Since it's my first time together with my friend, we are clueless on what to do. The staff on the spa are so kind and accommodating to assist us. Upon giving our vouchers on the registration desk we are given 2 set of clothing. The pink blouse and pink short is used for the dry sauna while the maroon robe with short is used for the massage. 

We were given keys to our locker. Male locker rooms and sauna are separated from girls. You have to remove your shoes and socks. Everybody should be barefoot inside the sauna.
Locker Room
Me and my friend put our stuff together and hurriedly went to the shower rooms in the wet area. We changed to our swim wear before we dip into the Jacuzzi  As we emerge from the shower rooms and back to our lockers to put our clothes, one of the staff approached us and asked if that's what we're wearing in the wet area which we replied yes. She told us that no clothing is allowed and the only way to used the wet sauna is to be naked. Uh-oh! She explained that Koreans are complaining if locals are wearing any clothing and then soaking into the Jacuzzi  My friend and I have to contemplate this piece of info for like 5 minutes before deciding to go ahead and stripped our clothes off. So that's why when we entered the wet area, I saw two Korean women walking casually naked like it's the most natural thing to do in the world (this makes me think of Adam & Eve). So we went back to the shower room this time naked and did a quick shower before dipping into the Jacuzzi. There's actually Three Jacuzzi which are - Green Tea with a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, Ginseng with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and plain water with 24 degrees Celsius. My friend and I lounged in Ginseng Jacuzzi as the temperature is tolerable versus the Green Tea. After soaking for 10 minutes we decided to try the wet sauna which has a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius! It was so hot that you need to get out of the wet sauna every minute or two. Other way to ease down the temperature is to wet your towel and place it in you head. That's what my friend did  so she didn't experience the dizziness like I did. Serves me right for thinking that I can endure the temperature. My bad in comparing it with the sauna in Fitness First MOA. After 5 minutes and I can't bear the temperature I asked my friend to dip into the cold water to ease down my dizziness. It was scary and I promised not to do it again. I thought that I'll end up blacking out after soaking myself to the cold water. After 5 minutes, we decided to take a shower and try out the Dry Saunas which is recommended and raved by the other female clients we come across in the Jacuzzi.

We wore the pink T-shirt and short and head off to the Dry Saunas which reminds me of an Igloo. We tried the Salt Charcoal and true to its name you will see a lot of salt and charcoal inside the sauna. You can actually stay there for 10-15 minutes without worrying of having a dizzy spells. As a matter of fact, there's a Korean inside the sauna when we went in reading a book. Not sure how long she's been there but from the looks of it, it seems she's a regular customer of Lasema. After lounging in the Salt Charcoal Sauna, we tried the Oak and Clay since my friend gave birth a few months back and she wanted to try this sauna. Just like the other sauna, oak and clay are visible inside the room. They didn't scrimp on the materials which is probably the reason why their spa service is a little pricey versus the other spas but then again, this spa is one of its kind.

After staying inside the Oak and Clay room for five minutes, we head off to the massage registration counter. It is right next to the food kiosk just outside the Dry Saunas. We didn't know that we can register ahead of time so we end up waiting for another hour for our turn. While killing time, we decided to check the Ice Room. Temperature is -10 degrees Celsius. Inside, it's like a freezer with ice formation on the walls. On the center, they provided some sitting stool should you decide to stay there longer. I'm not a fan of cold temperature so I just stayed there for a few seconds and immediately got out. My friend on the other hand enjoys the coldness of the room so I waited for her to come out. As soon as she's out with her rosy cheeks, we tried their food kiosk and as expected, the price of the noodles and the canned fruit drinks are 20-40% higher versus the price outside. The only consolation you will get is the free serving of kimchi. After eating our noodles, we head back to the locker area to change to massage robe and check our mobile phones.
Massage Robe
At exactly 10pm, we head back to the massage registration counter and were asked for our preference of oil and massage. If my memory serves me right, I opted for lavender oil and Shiatsu massage. We were led to a room with six or seven massage beds. A Korean lady was having her massage naked when we came in. The room is dim as to not disturb the other customers. We were asked to remove the robe but not the shorts. By far, this was the best massage I ever had! Much better than the massage from Shui Hilot Spa that I had 3 years ago. The massage was very relaxing and I don't need to worry about me experiencing pain while having a massage. Yes, I had enough of massages where I end up feeling pain instead of comfort. You're probably wondering if it's a full body massage and my answer is YES. No skin in your body will be left untouched during this session. I actually doze off for 5 minutes and woke up just in time that my masseuse is done.

Just blogging about it brings back those 60 minutes that I feel so stress free and alive. It definitely recharges my body and mind because after that, I'm so perky that I'm not sleepy as before.

Upon checkout, we return the locker keys and we paid the bill for our food. As they always say, some good things meant to last but that doesn't mean you can't repeat it. I will definitely go back to this place but I think I'll skip the Wet Area and just go straight ahead to the Dry Saunas and Massage.

P.S. Sorry if I don't have much photos to share since there are customers walking around naked and as a courtesy I didn't have the guts to flaunt my camera and take pictures of the wet area though I should've taken pictures of the Dry Saunas and the Sleeping Caves. You can actually lounge in these areas for as long as you want since the packages they're offering is good for 12 hours. Some Koreans are actually taking a nap or you can watch television. For the actual pictures you can check out this blog - The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories.

Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and Sauna
Lasema Plaza 
#7232 Malugay Street, 
Makati City 
(02) 830-2222

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm just finish with my Hip Hop Abs workout. I focused on Hip, Buns and Thighs. This routine plus the Abs Sculpt works on me to stay fit and get slim since the year 2008. For those who know me, you're probably wondering what happen and I ballooned physically?! Well, the answer is one word - Laziness.

And now that I have the motivation and will to trim down my  weight, I decided to go back to my old routine of exercise since the last time I went for my OB checkup, I weighed 53 kilos! The last time I went there, I was only 50 kilos. So here I am, working out my lazy bones before they decide to collapse on me for my heavy body.
Work it! Work it!

Apart from exercise, I also want to boost my metabolism by eating the right kind of foods that will help me to do so. Found this list in Pinterest:

I was checking out the foods listed above and the only ones that I have an easy access to are - Broccoli, Coffee, Spinach, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Soy Milk, Red Beans and Apples.

I'm not a fan of anything spicy so definitely Curry and Jalapeno are out of my list. I don't like the taste of Green Tea so I need to cross that out as well. As to Turkey and Grapefruit, I think I have to check out Rustan's Supermarket for this but Turkey is expensive! So I'm sticking with the less expensive foods on the picture.

So I'm going to start tomorrow eating Apples, Yogurt, Soy Milk and Coffee. I'm still in limbo about the oatmeal since I read before that the oatmeal that I should be eating to slim down is plain. Not the flavored oatmeal and I love the banana/honey and fruits&nuts variant of oatmeal! As for the red beans, I only eat them if they're in halo-halo. Other than that, I have no idea what dish I need to prepare to include them.

Oh, I can use Broccoli for my buttered steamed veggies. That should do the trick.

I just hope I can keep up with this plan for the next two months. Good luck to me!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My First Photobook

I mentioned on my  March 23rd blog entry that I'm cramming to finish my first Photobook. My sister gave me an extra Photobook PH voucher that she bought in a groupon deal.. It was very sweet of her to share her extra voucher as I really wanted to create a Photobook of my own and I've been hearing a lot of good reviews and feedback about the outcome of their books/albums created using the Photobook Designer which is by the way is free and available for download on their website.

The catch with the voucher was the deadline for the redemption is near. If I'm not mistaken, I only have 2 weeks before the due date which is March 10. I haven't started anything yet even selecting photos that I'll be using so I decided to email Photobook PH's customer service. In fairness to their customer service, they replied the next day and I was given another two weeks extension. Yey!

In creating a Photobook, it's a must to have a reliable, stable and fast internet connection. And when I say fast, 1 mbps is good so as long that it is stable (wired connection) since you'll be downloading the Photobook Designer which is 200+MB file size. You'll be downloading ReadyBooks as well if you opt to use it since this is what I did as I'm cramming to have my photobook finish to make it to the deadline. It helps that there are ReadyBooks available so you don't need to worry about the layout/template for your photos. Once you download a ReadyBook, you open it using Photobook Designer then you can just drag the photos to the layout. It's a breeze and easy as a pie. Make sure that the photos you plan to use on your photobook are all saved in one folder to make the drag and drop of pictures easy. After creating the photobook, you have to place an order and upload your finish project online. This is very crucial since the finish photobook is a large file and it took me like an hour to finish the whole process of placing an order and uploading it on their website.

Did I mention that it took me a week to get my order from Photobook? I made it to the deadline which is March 23 and I received a DHL package with my Photobook last March 29.

DHL Package
Excited to open my DHL package!
Photobook Inside
Photobbok wants to make sure that your order is safe from any damages. Nice!
Below are some of the pages from my very first Photobook:

Front Cover
Front Cover
2nd and 3rd Page
2nd and 3rd Pages
4th and 5th Page
4th and 5th Pages
14th and 15th Page
14th and 15th Pages
40th or Last Page
Last Page
I used the ReadyBook My Dearest Valentine. I've been eyeing this template since last year should I have the chance to create my own photobook. Plus, the voucher that my sister gave me is good for a 1 Medium Landscape Imagewrap Photbook which is perfect as this template is exactly the same size.

I can't wait for another Photobook deal to be available in Groupon sites! I already have a project in mind and a ReadyBook template that I've downloaded before on standby. I never thought that creating a photobook can be so addicting.

Tip: Make sure to brighten your pictures if you opt to use them in your photobook. I noticed that the pictures tend to get darker once printed so might as well adjust the brightness of your photos so that once you receive your photobook, the pictures are perfect!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Invitation to Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

For 4 years, I'm always receiving an invitation from Havaianas to this event but I never had a chance to be a part of it. Either I'm busy with work or simply I have no extra money to spare.

This time around, I'm thinking of joining this event. After all, I'm only doing it once a year and who knows I may not be able to do this again next year.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 in Rockwell Tent

I'm lucky that I'm getting this email invite from them since I never bought a Havaianas pair ever! I'm a follower in their FB page and a fan but for some reason I don't own a pair. I own an Ipanema Flip Flops but never a Havs which left me wondering....

I called the land line number mentioned above to inquire and Ace answered my call, I immediately ask how much is the entrance fee to the Exclusive Preview event which is set on May 1st. Surprisingly, there's no entrance fee needed. All you need to do is simply register and select from the two time slots. I was having hesitations earlier and told him that I need to check first with my two friends if they're available to accompany me. But this guy is persistent and I end up reserving a slot for Batch 1. After confirming my slot with Ace, I immediately called my two friends whom I'm eyeing to join me. Thankfully both of them agreed and I can't wait to see them and spend quality bonding moment with these two. We have a lot of things to catch up especially in our personal lives.

Ace told me that I need to print out the copy of this email invitation together with a valid ID. That will serve as my entrance ticket to the event. I do hope that I'll never forget that instruction.

Now I can't wait for the first of May to come! I'm excited to have my first personalize pair of Havaianas.

For updates and latest news about Havaianas PH, please do check their official social media accounts:
Havaianas Philippines Facebook Page
Havaianas Philippines Twitter
Havaianas Philippines Instagram 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Second Cycle

Update on our TTC (Trying to Conceive) journey. If you miss the first cycle story, click here.

March 16 was the date set by Dra. Angela Aguilar for me to see her. She's the OB in which we entrusted our TTC process. The first cycle was not successful as I got my monthly period last March 9 so I have to see her again for the second cycle. I'm still taking Folart (Folic Acid) everyday as her prescription and apart from that she didn't give me any medicine to take. I just took the liberty to take Vitamin E and I ask my husband to take Rogin E in hopes for healthier cells.

This time around hubby accompanied me to see the OB. Finally, I have someone with me as most of the doctor's patients are in pairs or couples while me on the other hand is always on a solo flight. Again the queue is long but we were patient to wait for our turn. Once inside her office, she asked me to lie on the bed so she can have a Trans-V ultrasound. I was wondering why she did that since the only thing we will find their will be the polyp. To our surprised near on my left ovary, sat an egg cell. Wow! How can it be so fast? Even my OB never expected an egg cell after all it was the 8th day since my menstruation. The size of the egg cell is 2.1 cm.

She was telling me about ovulation and that I'm currently ovulating despite the fact that it's so soon and to prove her point, she asked her assistant named Myra to give me an Ovulation Test kit.
The Ovulation Test Kit that I used
Myra gave me a container which I have to pee and she will show me how the kit works. So I follow her instruction and gave her my urine sample. She puts 3 drops of urine into the kit and we waited. Honestly I have no idea what exactly are we looking for but as seconds gone by, a red line is slowly forming and then eventually another one appears.After three minutes, two visible red lines formed in the kit which means I'm indeed ovulating.
How to Read the Results
After confirming my current state, my OB gave me four dates for our assignment. If by April 6th and I don't have my monthly period then I need to take a Pregnancy Test. Out of the four dates, we only accomplished three as my husband is asking for a break since he felt drained and tired for the two consecutive dates we do the deed.

I thought we were successful in this cycle since I'm always hungry like never before and there's a day where I felt an unusual cramp on my abdomen. Unfortunately, I got my period last April 4th which lasted for 4-5 days. Hubby insisted of not seeing the OB for the time being since he haven't taken the test yet and he wants to take the test first before meeting the OB again. I told him that it's already the last cycle so might as well finish it. I coaxed my husband that I can discuss his dilemma to the OB when I set an appointment with her.  And just like before, I sent a SMS to my OB to schedule an appointment. We will be seeing each other on Tuesday, April 16th for my Third Cycle. The only difference now with my checkup is that I'll be covering the cost of the consultation and my Trans-V as I will be surrendering my HMO card today after tendering my resignation. Wish me luck on my upcoming appointment and hopefully there's a chance for us to be successful to conceive naturally.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Family Member

Hiyee everyone! Miss me? I'm still alive and kicking and this blog is still rolling. I just got busy for the past week that I wasn't able to update this blog as much as I want to. If you only knew how many drafts I have that are waiting to be finish! Tsk!

Anyway to brighten up your weekend, I want you all to meet the newest member of our family. Nope, I'm not yet pregnant and I will create a post about my 2nd cycle. Without further ado....

Meet Scoop! He is 1 month old in this photo
Here he is 1 month old and 1 week
Barely 2 months and he is playful
Look at those puppy eyes...it melts my heart...
Heartthrob in the making?  Can't wait to see you real soon :)

My sister decided to bought a purebred golden retriever so that our pet Poochie can have a playmate. Furthermore, I think it will give Poochie a boost on her self-esteem when interacting with other dogs since she is used to being around with people. Plus she won't be lonely anymore in case me and my husband are not around. She's too attached to us that if we're missing in the house, she tends to sulk.

By the end of this month or first week of May, Scoop will be joining our family. At that time he is already 2 months old and I'm sure he will be bigger than the normal pups that we're accustomed with so it will be an adjustment for us. We're still deciding if we will retain the name Scoop or give him a different name. For me, Scoop is already cute and it's only one syllable thus pronouncing it is easy.

If you're wondering where we bought Scoop, check Famosi Cani Kennel FB page. This is where Toni Gonzaga bought a Golden Retriever puppy as a gift for Pokwang. Scoop is part of Butter's third littler (Butter is the female Golden Retriever) while the puppy that Toni Gonzaga bought which they named Cheesewhiz is from the first litter.Just check out their FB page and you will see the proof.

Photo Credits: Snagged from Famosi Cani Kennel FB

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Du Viet - Vietnamese Restaurant

Allow me to post this since it's been in my draft for 8 months! This was part of my travel trip to Kuala Lumpur last year when I made a visit to my sister. There's more coming up so do check my blog every once in awhile since it will be a random post.

Travel Date: August 20, 2012 

My sister and her boyfriend plus me, went to Suria KLCC (this is the mall right next to the Petronas Towers) after taking our brunch and bath back at my sister's flat. I'll be meeting my dear friend Aimee who is working in KL as an IT Recruiter. Prior to my visit here, she informed me of some "things" that she wants me to buy and bring it for her. We agreed to meet 1pm and while waiting for her, we are looking for a backpack for my sister's bf.

Around 1:30pm we finally met her. I was ecstatic seeing her and as her promised to me, she's buying me lunch! Yey! My sister and her bf left us in KLCC and we will meet my sister later. She needs first to drop off her bf to the bust stop going to SG.

And so we scout the KLCC mall for a place to eat. Since it's already noon, most of them are jam packed. All the good restaurants or even fast food chains are brimming with customers. We decided to go way up of the mall to scout for a nice restaurant. Never mind if they are not that good so as long we can take a seat and    we can fill our tummies with food. We chance upon Du Viet and luckily we score a table.

Photos Snagged from Du Viet Website
To make an order in this restaurant, you will be given a menu and a piece of paper and pencil. The food on the menu together with the names of each dish has a corresponding number/code. All you have to do is right down the number/code of the dishes you want to order and indicate how many orders for that dish. If you're done with the order, the waiter will get the menu, pencil and the paper where you write your order.
Sample of Du Viet Menu. See there's a code right next to each dish.
You can check their website to view the complete menu.
After waiting for 15 to 20 minutes....
BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Chop (Ga Nuong)
This is what I ordered for my lunch. I'm not the adventurous type when it comes to food thus I always ordered food that are familiar and safe to me like chicken, beef, pork, dumpling, etc.

You're probably wondering why there's two pictures of food. Well, they are the same dish and I can't help but compared the picture of my dish from their website versus the actual dish that was served to me. The veggies on the left are far fresh looking compared to mine. Good thing, I love the chicken chop since it's soft and easy to chew. I can easily cut through the meat. No bones to slow me down when I continuously attack my chicken.

My friend's lunch....
Actual Beef Brisket Stew with Rice (Thit Bo Kho)
Beef Brisket Stew with Rice (Thit Bo Kho) from Du Viet's Website
I don't remember the exact taste but I do know that the beef is tender making it easy to chew on this dish. The color of the beef and the sauce is different from the actual versus the one on the website. Hmmm...

Seafood Special Soup

I remember eating up the shrimps on this soup. The soup is a little sour like of tomato juice with mild spiciness which I can tolerate. It's not salty and in my opinion, the soup is kinda healthy versus the soups that I'm accustomed with.
Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Imperial Rolls from Du Viet's Website
My friend ordered 2 set of spring rolls since another friend of ours decided to join us without me knowing it. In short, it was a surprise for me. The spring rolls are kind of lumpy when it reached us. I forgot to take a picture of the actual spring rolls they served so I just used this picture from their website.

Then the surprise friend put these in the table:
Desserts to celebrate our birthday
My surprise guest which I shared my birth date with :)
Overall my dining experience in this place is okay. It's like eating in a fast food joint but with a fancier environment and menu plus a waiter to get your order and serve the food. The food is so-so, nothing fab or exciting. I'm just glad that I was able to put food in my tummy plus spending quality lunch time with my two friends in  a different country so who am I to complain?

Du Viet Vietnamese Restaurant
Lot 416 , Level 4, Suria KLCC
5088 KL
Tel# (03) 2166 3630
Fax# (03) 2166 3631

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lily Pond (Moon Garden)

My sister and I know the place as Moon Garden but they've changed the name to Lily Pond without any warning. Probably because of the pond that is full of lilies which you cannot miss once inside the premises but that's my guess. My sister, her fiance and her soon to be SIL (sister-in-law) named Faith were going around in circles trying to look for Moon Garden in SVD road when all along the signage they saw that says Lily Pond is the place.

This was the location for my sister's prenuptial shoot which she won in W@W Auction. But I'd rather not talk about the prenuptial shoot at the moment. I'll focus more on the location.

Lily Pond is a bed and breakfast just like Sonia's Garden but much cheaper. They don't have bakery or spa like Sonia's but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a visit. I first read about this place in Anton's blog way back in 2008 where it was called Moon Garden Restaurant.

For the Prenup Package, it only cost Php 3,000 for half day including free use of a room! Isn't that a good price to pay for a shoot? No wonder my sister decided to book this place last March 12.

These are the accounts of info I'd gather from Faith since I'm not with them during this time. It's actually a bummer as I would love to see the place and it's an excuse for me to go out of town. My sister's offer is quite tempting to join them but the "responsible employee" in me prevails.
The free room that comes with the package
According to Faith, the room(casita) is made of stones especially on the walls and flooring while big logs served as a divider for the bed & bathroom/restroom. The room has a ceiling made of bamboo and a big screened window served as the source of air which means it's not air-conditioned.
Spacious Bathroom
I like the look of the bathroom! Walls and floors made of stones plus some wood side table, shelf and a plank of wood to support the lavatory with modern fixtures. This kind of setup reminded me of a bathroom for a resort!

Okay, enough of my babbling and I'm going to post some pics of what I've missed. Let these fine scenery do the talking.

Can you picture yourself having a candle lit dinner in that cottage? Sigh.
The greens reminds me of my father's province which is Bicol.
They have a lot of trees and veggies in the backyard when I last went there (2003).
Can you spot the smiley faces?
Reminds me of my mother's province which is Batangas

For a modern feel...
The soon-to-wed couple
If you noticed, majority of things are vintage with a mix of modern furnishings/accessories like couch, throw pillows, paintings, etc. Faith (SIL) was not able to check out the other spots in Lily Pond since the photographers of the photo shoot are looking for a certain place where they have a good natural light for the shots they want to achieve.

Every once in awhile, we city people need a breather from the hectic and fast-paced life we are living in the urban jungle so why not have a relaxing day or two and spend it here.

I come across Half White Boy's blog entry about this place so you might want to check this out for his review is fresh after availing their overnight accommodation last month. Plus, he has more pictures to share compared to mine. For more reviews, check Trip Advisor.

Lily Pond (Moon Garden)
Official Facebook Page
SVD Road, Brgy San Jose, Tagaytay
For reservations, you can call Bhong at 0939-913-9097
Location Map

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