Wednesday, March 27, 2013

J.Coffee (J.CO)

It's known as J.CO Donuts and I'm curious as to why a lot of people are falling in line and patiently waiting for their turn for these donuts. Has it been a year or more? I have no idea when the craze started and people are hooked to these donuts so with my sister's future sister-in-law, we braved our way to J.CO branch in ATC (Alabang Town Center) as expected there's already a line outside the store. We took our place in the line and patiently waited for our turn. 
This box contains 1 dozen of these unique donuts
Here's a tip, it's better to purchase 2 dozens versus 1 dozen since it's cheaper.
Two Dozens of J.CO costs Php 550 whereas One Dozen costs Php 350
The donuts I purchased!
(L-R top) 2 pieces of Berry Spears and 2 pieces of Forest Glam
(L-R second row) 2 pieces of Heaven Berry and 2 pieces of Alcapone
(L-R bottom) 1 piece of Blueberry More, 1 piece of Oreology and 2 pieces of Jcoccino
I know that I should try each flavor but my brother and husband loves strawberry so I have to order 2 pieces of those strawberry flavored donuts just to please them both. I don't want them fighting over a donut =P

My favorite flavor from this box is the Jcoccino since I simply love mocha flavored pastries! I like it better when I  put it in the fridge and the crunchiness of the almonds on top of the coffee flavored icing is simply heaven! I can't wait for another box of J.CO donuts so I have an excuse to eat this darling again.

My second favorite is Berry Spears. It reminds me of Strawberry filled of Dunkin Donuts but more refined not to mention that it's less messy when you're eating it. 

Heaven Berry is a creamier and sweeter version of Berry Spears.

I find the Blueberry More so-so. Probably because I can't help but compared it with the Blueberry Cheesecake that I ordered to my office mate which is full of Blueberry flavor on the cream cheese  The good thing about this donut version is that it's not too sweet so if you're not a fan of sugar or sweetness I think you will appreciate this.

The least favorite from this bunch and I will never ordered again is the Forest Glam which is actually the Black Forest flavor. Probably it's just me but I never liked Black Forest because of the dark chocolate which I found bitter. If I were to choose between the Black Forest Game and the Forest Glam, I'll go for the cake since it has an icing whereas the donut all I can think of is the bitterness. maybe they should put a lot of cherries on top of the donut to balance the taste. 

I was not able to taste the Alcapone and Oreology since my siblings attack the remaining donuts in the fridge when I was probably sleeping. I guess I have to include these two donuts again on my next purchase to find it out for myself. 

J.Coffee Variants
J.CO Frappe
J.CO Flavor Donuts

J.Coffee Delights

Now I know the reason why a lot of people are flocking around their stores! The donuts are soft like it's been baked fresh all the time and it's not too sweet compared to the donuts we have in the market. Furthermore, they offer unique flavors such as the Mr. Green Tea, Green Tease, Avocado Dicaprio and Hi Lychee.

To know more about these donuts, simply click the ff. link:

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