Saturday, March 23, 2013

I told you "Smart"

Hello everyone! How's your Saturday so far? Mine was kinda hectic as I'm cramming earlier to finish my very first Photobook. Who would've thought that I will be able to blog and upload a Photobook project at this time while my brother is watching YouTube? I was expecting that these things will happen once we have a wired connection which by the way is still in the process after my several follow-up calls to PLDT's Customer Care Hotline.

Anyways, I was left without an internet last Wednesday and Thursday thus the reason again of me not being able to update my blog. I was really furious with Smart. If you still remember not so long ago I have no internet for five days! At that time, I was at the office so my parents are the one who talked to the technicians from Smart. If I'm not mistaken they told my parents that there's a problem with the signal. I was expecting that they will replace the antenna since it's been 2 years and who knows how many storms it braved to function properly. Well, they didn't replace the antenna and they put the blame on the signal. Hello? Am I the one emitting the signal? Am I the owner of the nearest Smart Tower here in our area? I was upset by this answer so I fervently pray that their diagnosis and conclusion is right but I was wrong and my gut is accurate. I was really frustrated so I immediately called their customer care hotline which is in the wee hours of the morning and thankfully they created a service dispatch for a next day service. Good thing that yesterday my husband has no work and was at home so he is the one who talked to the technicians about my angst toward the canopy antenna. And finally, they replaced my antenna! Hallelujah!

Canopy Antenna for Smart Bro Wireless
The new power adapter for the canopy replacement.
I noticed that it has now two data ports unlike before which  only has one.
They should've replace it three weeks ago as my conscience is screaming for antenna replacement. Even my husband and my father have the same resolution to this "signal" problem that they always told us. Not to mention that the previous times (which was last year) that they fix my no internet connection by assigning me a different IP address. I think they changed my IP address twice since most of the problem with the internet back them was system upgrade.

I'm in cloud nine at the moment and I hope that this wireless connection that we are enjoying now is not temporary. I've been a loyal wireless internet subscriber of Smart for two years even if they have a crappy way to resolve the issue. Good thinking of the technician who attended to our technical woes yesterday and he left us his name and contact details. Kudos to you! Now I don't have to waste my postpaid credit calling the Smart Customer Care just to address my concern with my wireless internet.

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