Monday, March 11, 2013

First Cycle

Finally an internet connection! I'm really frustrated with my Smart Bro wireless connection. We've been using it for almost 2 years and I can't count the number of times that we don't have an internet connection either because of our IP address or the canopy antenna itself or both plus the Smart signal. Grrr!

Alright, I don't want to start my week ranting so I'm going to shift to a different topic now. This is to divert my negative energy and also to update you on what's happening with our TTC (Trying to Conceive) project.

Last February 9, I went to Friendly Care Clinic in Shaw Blvd to have my first consultation with Dra. Angela Sison-Aguilar. A lot of people recommended her especially in the yahoogroup where I'm a member. If I'm not mistaken, she's the cheapest or cheaper alternative infertility doctor versus the two male doctors that come up on my research.

During our first meeting, she asked me questions concerning my health and vices (if any). I'm not a smoker and I rarely drink alcohol. Say, I only drink once in a blue moon. She also asked me about some diseases within the family. My father had a high blood pressure and heart disease caused by his smoking and my uncle on my maternal side has diabetes due to his overweight.

Of course, any OB wouldn't miss asking the start date of my last menstrual period and after all the basic questions, she gave me 4 printed papers which are:
(1) Hubby's analysis which we haven't done yet. Hopefully this month once his scheduled are a little less hectic we can go to St. Luke's Global.
(2) Prescription of Folic Acid that I need to take one tablet everyday
(3) Instructions she gave her patients for follicle monitoring
(4) Assisted Reproductive Techniques or in my own term, the "TTC Plan" . She pointed out that Natural pregnancy rate is only 20% every cycle. The Success rate is 60-80% in three cycles which is equivalent to three months. That's the period she gave us to conceive naturally. Three months of monitoring my ovulation and having the perfect timing. This will be the PHASE 1 of her techniques.

So I'm going to detailed the "highlights" of my Phase 1. I hope they don't sound "malicious":

* For Follicle Monitoring, I was given the date of Feb 26 to check if I will have my monthly visitor or not. If by this date, and the visitor didn't come then I have to take a PT test. Well, I got my visitor (as I expected) on February 11. If this is the case, I need to inform Dra. Aguilar about this by sending her a text message. And she will reply with the date for our next checkup.

* Our next checkup was February 19. I have to take a half-day at work to be able to go back to the clinic. On this checkup she had an ultrasound to check if there's any alien object in my uterus. The last time I had my TVU was 2 years back and everything was okay. Surprisingly, this time around she found a 1cm polyp in my uterus! I had a 1cm polyp before but it was not in the uterus but in the cervix.
Polyp is the one with the black arrow pointed at it. My polyp is a little elongated compared on the picture.
Photo Credit:
The polyp itself in the ultrasound is whitish in color and it's a little elongated in shape. She didn't say anything if she needs to remove the polyp or if it affects our chances of me getting pregnant but instead she gave me two dates that we need to do the deed. Then my OB asked me to come back to visit her on Feb. 23. Apart from the polyp, she mentioned that everything looks okay.

* I came back to the clinic on February 23 as instructed. My OB took an ultrasound again and I'm wondering what can she possibly wanted to see. I was thinking if she wants to check the polyp again but lo and behold, she showed me my egg cell looking like a pearl in an oyster! It was 2cm in size which I think is a little bit big (don't you?) when I did a research but my OB didn't say anything alarming so I assume that regardless of the size of my egg cell, I'm good to go.

Egg cell in ultrasound it almost looked like this but  in black and white and a little fuzzy
Photo Credit:
She gave us dates to do the deed. That's actually 4 dates and out of 4, we only accomplished 2. Why? Because we fought on the other date and we turned sour to each other while the other date I was having a fever and not feeling okay at all. I wonder what my OB will say if I told her that we only did the assignment two out of four. She gave me instruction that if I still didn't have my period by March 16, I need to take a Pregnancy test but should I have my visitor then I need to send her a text message for her to schedule me for consultation.

As of this writing I'm on my 3rd day of my monthly visitor. So it's safe to say that the first cycle was not successful.Could it be the two dates we've missed? Or is my polyp a contributing factor? Or it's high time that Hubby take the test required by the OB. Just now, my OB replied to my text message and she scheduled me to go back on March 16 for the 2nd Cycle Monitoring. Here I go again.....

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