Saturday, March 2, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Weekend is here and I'm always looking forward to spend a relaxing and quiet time as much as possible during Saturdays and Sunday to relieve stress from working 8 hours for five days not to mention the 4 hours of commute I have to endure. But the past few weekends, serenity doesn't come too often.

Like today, I'm planning to clean our room since I'm afraid that sooner or later snakes will emerge and surprise us! Just kidding, it's not quite a jungle yet but if I don't act soon our room might just end up looking like one. 

As usual I'll be using my husband's portable vacuum cleaner which does an amazing job in clearing the cobwebs and dust but the sound it emits get on my nerves and probably on our neighbors too. Yikes! You know that the vacuum is on as it can be heard all over the house and to think we have three floors. That's why I wanted to have this Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum.
This is one sleek and stylish of a vacuum cleaner. 

Ooohhh! I can imagine myself looking prim and proper while cleaning our space  with this  kind of a vacuum cleaner.
I'm channeling the women in Stepford Wives movie. I'm so posh in quietly cleaning our home.
This is perfect for homes with babies around. Or with people who are working on a graveyard shift.
Isn't it great when things around you help you achieve a harmonious relationship in your household? 

This is absolutely a must especially now that we're starting to renovate our space one room at a time. Furthermore, it's not a secret that me and my husband are on the road to get pregnant so if by God's grace we are lucky and have a child of our own, we don't have to worry about the noise that cleaning makes. Our future child/ children can still have their well deserved sleep.

All the talk about cleaning makes me thirsty! And summer season is just around the corner too. According to the weather forecast, summer will officially start by second week of March. Farewell to cool breeze during mornings and say hello to fruit shakes and smoothies!

With this kind of thought, I reminded to look for the blender that was given to us as gift during our wedding. The last time I saw it was last year when me and my mom are making cleansing diet for my father after being discharged from the hospital. I wonder if the blades are clean or they already get rusty. Just the mere thought of rust, sent shivers to my spine. Those blades are hard to reach making them tough to clean. I might as well look for another blender and here's another revolution from Electrolux - The Powermix Silent Blender.
Gorgeous and Quiet. My kind of thing :)
Good thing that the essential parts are removable giving you an access for easy cleaning.
The blender that we have now is nothing like it. Tsk.
Can't wait to make my slushies in a hush!
Imagine that you don't need to shout or raise your voice just to carry a conversation over the noise of your typical blender. What a perfect way to bond with the other family members while preparing your favorite fruity drinks.
Another must I should say especially in the near future that I'll be making some vegetable or fruit puree for our baby. It will be a quiet time for everyone indeed,  a happy full baby and parents enjoying their fresh drink fixes. Isn't that great? No stress and fuss, just peaceful and calm like a weekend should be.

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum and Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender is a team to beat in making our weekends more serene and enjoyable. A perfect tandem I should say. After cleaning your space without disturbing the whole household, you can reward your self with a nice healthy drink with the family. Who wouldn't love weekends?

To know more about the other innovative products that Electrolux has to offer, go check out their website  Electrolux Philippines Official Website. To get live and real time updates straight from them, follow them on twitter - Electrolux Philippines Twitter.

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