Wednesday, February 20, 2013

St. Thomas More Academy

We've been eyeing this school for our youngest sister. We decided to transfer her after this school year since the present school she's attending to is a little bit far from our home. Though it offers an affordable tuition fee, the commute and the mandatory extracurricular activities amounts to the same expenses my other sister will be spending in private schools within our area.

St. Thomas More Academy in Pag-asa Molino
actual school ground
Last Saturday, I accompanied my sister to take her entrance exam on this school. All  you need to do is filled-up an application form, pay the Php 200 entrance exam fee and of course bring a 2X2 valid ID picture to be attached to the application form and you're set for the entrance test.

Accounting Office
This is the school's accounting office which happens to be the area for the entrance test. There's two cubicle at the end where the exams are being held. I waited for an hour for my sister to finish the exam. The test itself is an IQ exam and you get the result within the same day. After my sister submit her test paper to the examiner, we waited for 5-10 minutes for the paper to be checked. Dear sister got a score of 52 out of 80. Not bad at all though it's been a habit of mine since when I was a student that whenever I get a test result, I always compute for the mistakes that I have.

We were given a stub where my sister is given a stub, a proof that she's ready good to go for enrollment. We have to wait for her report card though and accomplished other requirements on the list in order to do that. Furthermore, we are also considering another school so for the time being will take our time to decide.

Here's some useful information about the school, should you be interested to consider them for your child, cousins, nieces. nephews, etc.

* Entrance test is required to be admitted.
* Schedule of Entrance Test (Mon-Fri from 8:30am-4:30pm and Sat  from 8:30am-11:30am)

- Testing Fee of Php 200
- STMA Application Form (you can get this from their Accounting Dept)
- Original Report Card (Form 138)
- NSO Birth Certificate
- Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
- Good Moral Certificate (Highschool only)
- 2 pcs. 1X1 IP Picture

SY 3013-2014 Tuition Fees
Cash and Semestral Payment 
Quarterly and Monthly Payment

St. Thomas More Academy's Best Features

For more inquiries please contact:

Mrs. Grace C. delos Trinos (Preschool and Grade School Dept.)
(046) 477-1183

Mrs. Mary Anne C. delos Santos (High School Dept.)
(046) 477-1217

Mrs. Jasmin Y. del Moral (Annex Mary Homes Subd.)
(046) 484-3726

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