Thursday, January 10, 2013

MMDA's New Bus Segregation Scheme

The 18th day of last month, MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority)  started implementing the new Bus Segregation along EDSA. For locals, they are very much aware on how crazy the traffic is along this road. I was one of them.

I was not aware of the new scheme when it was implemented and was annoyed that I have to be asked by the barker on where's my destination. I didn't even noticed the letters ABC on the bus. Everyone was in frenzy during that day, passengers and drivers alike. Unfortunately, I rode a Bus C which stops at all points along EDSA that time, I was not a happy camper. 

The second day, everything is better. A lot of the passengers are still confused of the scheme. Some are irritated but at least the bus drivers and the conductors are following the scheme implemented by MMDA. Furthermore, they are very patient with the commuters who keep on asking them if the bus will pass by Ayala or Boni or Ortigas. By the way, I'm taking the bus marked A and alight in Buendia. 

The following day, my travel is smoother. I don't have to worry being stuck in Ayala thus I end up being on time for work. Yes! But then again I was doubtful if the scheme is really working since it's nearing Christmas and I was thinking that most of the commuters are probably on leaves thus the better flow of traffic.

So I waited for Monday to come, that is January 7 because vacation is finally over and everyone will be back to work and school so traffic is expected. Well, turns out that the scheme actually works! I arrived at work earlier than usual and even if I get stuck in the traffic in Alabang, the improved traffic in EDSA (that is minus the bus stop in Ayala) does wonders! 

For those who are still confuse with the scheme, here's the bus segregation system:
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I just hope that this scheme will be followed strictly by the implementing officers, drivers and commuters alike.

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